Atigya Makes History With “Aprool Fool” Stage Comedy


Comedy has gradually found space in the Ghanaian entertainment front. However, mostly, it’s stand-up comedy, short skits and recorded clips which make waves. Atigya, a multiple award-winning comedian, who’s a product of University of Ghana was smart and bold enough to put together a stage comedy show.

The event which took place on the first day of April was dubbed “Aprool Fool”, in line with the annual occasion, April Fool observed globally. The play which was produced and written by Atigya, and directed by Ebow Barton-Odro was staged at the E.T.S Drama Studio sited at University of Ghana (Legon). The first, as planned happened from 6 to 8 pm, followed by the second, i.e. 8 to 10pm which is two hours duration for every play.

The crowd were excited for the smooth run and adequate planning of the show. The attendants spoke about the good time they experienced right from the studio to their various destinations. Indeed, history was made that night. The turnout was massive.

The whole story was about a rich man who wanted true love for her only daughter. As the play was on going, the crowd couldn’t control their joy as they laughed their heart out to some funny statements delivered by the cast .The exhilirating performance attracted viewers till the seats in the venue couldn’t contain the viewers, leading to some people standing to watch.

Hopefully, Atigya shall give us more of such refreshing experiences. Comedy is necessary. It kills depression, and can solve numerous emotional ills. Atigya and his crew do it like none other.




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