Mestar Oscar – Duku (Ft. AFROLEKTRA)

If you look closely, you’d realize there’s a new wave of the Ghanaian music sound. Two people we can consider as pioneers i.e. Mestar Oscar and producer, AFROLEKTRA come together to give us this Afro-EDM banger, “Duku.” I was raised from the era which believed “gangsters don’t dance”, but hearing “Duku” always strikes my nerve for dancing and fooling. “Duku” is a local word for a cloth which females use to cover their hair.  However, Mestar Oscar defines it as a crown for all black queens. Enjoy this jam right here!!!


Proffer Aid to Offer Free Health Screening at Kibi

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as the saying goes. Life is precious. Knowing this, one should take note that it is a good habit to conduct various medical tests to know if they’re healthy. However due to some reasons, people fail to do so. That’s why dedicated non-profit organization, Proffer Aid International Foundation (PAIF) has taken upon itself to organize free medical screening and other life-saving activities such as blood donation exercises. PAIF is a not-for-profit organization with the primary aim of improving the quality of health in communities, basically.

Holding groundbreaking successful programmes, namely Penyi Care, Gomoa Care, Blood for Yaro, etc., PAIF is set to storm Kibi. Kibi is a town and the capital of the East Akim Municipal district, a district in the Eastern region of Ghana. Kibi houses the Oforipanin Paramount stool which is the seat of the Okyehene, the paramount chief of the Akim people. Kibi is also the traditional capital of the Akyem Abuakwa.

The theme for this health outreach is “Behind a Smile.” In an interview with the Project Manager for PAIF, Emmanuel Arkorful disclosed “The striking factor that moves PAIF is the passion. Each member has the will to offer service to ensure good health of inhabitants.” He continues “this time we’re going to Kibi to offer free health screening which will encompass malaria, hepatitis B, blood glucose and blood grouping.”

The estimated turnout is 300 people and it shall be held in front of the Chief’s palace on Saturday, 9th June, 2018 from 9 a.m to 3 p.m. Proffer Aid wants to be the reason to make the people of Kibi wear smiles. Furthermore, they want the reason behind that smile to be knowledge of a healthy status. Meet PAIF this Saturday. Inform relatives and friends about this initiative. In perspective of this, intrigued people and associations who wish to support this altruistic and essential course may kindly contact PAIF executives on +233 (0) 277 168 404 (Abeiku) or +233 (0) 243 089 295 (Madinatu).

Meet Eben: The Gentleman Making an Industry Out of Cocktails

The crave for special cocktails at parties and special events has risen lately and one young Ghanaian entrepreneur making an industry out of this opportunity is Ebenezer Tetteh, a professionally trained bartender and mixologist. Eben is the Founder of Ghanaian owned beverage mixology start up TAACOAM which infuses local Ghanaian and African spices into carefully crafted cocktails.

Training Session for Bartending & Mixology
Eben Presenting Certificate to Student

With Several years of experience in the hospitality industry Eben brings to play top notch professionalism and creativity in bartending and mixology. TAACOAM is still in its infant stage and barely a year old and has gaining several recognition from prestigious groups both home and abroad.

Get to know more about TAACOAM by logging on to

Kobe nORTHS – Stonebwoy Tomorrow Type Beat (Prod. by Kobe nORTHS)

It’s not common to come across a Ghanaian-produced instrumental out for free download. But here comes Kobe nORTHS, a Kumasi-based beatmaker who laces a fresh beat for creatives to make magic with. As the title implies, it’s a beat which rhythmically sounds like Stonebwoy’s hit single “Tomorrow” beat. Download and use it for every creative purpose. Don’t forget to tag @Kobenorths1 on Twitter when released. Contact Kobe on +233241907259.

Melo Hype – Sorry (Fakye) (Prod. by VVX Beatz)

Real name, Opoku Frederick, Melo Hype hails from Kanyase in the Brong Ahafo Region but based in Kumasi (Abuakwa). He describes himself as a multi- talented artiste, and he looks up to himself. “Sorry” as the song title implies is a song he uses to ask for forgiveness.

Why Most Bloggers Don’t Upload Upcoming Artistes’ Songs for Free

This is 2018, and you cannot successfully pursue music without the involvement of the internet. After recording, an artiste releases the music via the internet. Distribution is done through the internet. Like hell, Kanye West released the platinum-selling “The Life of Pablo” album exclusively online via streaming platforms. Artistes connect with their fans through social media. If we listened to certain DJs and radio presenters to know who’s hot, bloggers are the new guys who have taken over that.

Photo credit: Alfred Aborga

In Ghana, free music is distributed largely by bloggers. Music management bodies send official releases to bloggers, even before some radio giants get hold of it. Music bloggers can make or break artistes in this era. There’s significant friction between upcoming artistes and music bloggers, and I don’t think it’s going to end anytime soon. Well, I am here to break it down.

Upcoming artistes have a problem with bloggers refusing to upload their songs (and promote it), just as they do for mainstream acts. Mostly, upcoming artistes pay for song uploads on blogs. On the other hand, mainstream acts don’t give a penny to bloggers, but they still sweat, track release dates and time to get theirs uploaded. So it gets the upcoming artistes wondering if bloggers are really in support of GH music, and their craft.

Now, this is the untold story of a music blogger. What people have to see is, music blogging is a business, unless the person emphatically states it’s a hobby or a charity. In the end we all have to eat. Just as the artiste is searching for popular songs to see exciting paydays, a blogger pursues his/her passion and yearns to make a living off it. The big question here is, how does the blogger makes his/her money?

One of the most important terms in the dictionary of a blogger is “traffic.” The more people visit a website, to get new information or download music, etc., the more internet traffic is directed to a website. If a blogger has subscribed to an advertisement deal for ads to be displayed on the website, this traffic converts to money, which the blogger withdraws to maintain the site. And that’s the major source of capital for most bloggers. So it is left to the blogger to decide how to gain traffic.

From personal experience, I’ve known that outputs of mainstream acts drive traffic more than that of upcoming acts. Knowing this, would you choose focusing on uploads of upcoming acts if you were a blogger? Hell no! However, a few blogs, including have taken the risk of uploading songs from upcoming acts for free, just as is done for mainstream ones. But again, from experience, most of these guys don’t appreciate it. They’re selfish! They can be on a blogger’s neck to upload their songs, and after going through hell to do it, they turn around and share SoundCloud links, trashing your link. They forget it’s a win-win affair. I used my own internet bundle, time, energy, creativity and effort to upload your song, and the least you can do which is sharing the link to enable me get traffic you refuse to do?

In the end, it gives the blogger little to no reason to upload songs from upcoming artistes. Yes, we want to push GH music, but we don’t want to starve to death while at it. Bloggers invest a lot of money into the business — buying domains and hosting subscriptions, renewals, internet charges, and a whole lot. And just like any other business, we have to gain profit from it. This is what upcoming artistes should know and change their attitude. Maybe then can we see change.

Flowking Stone’s “One Love” Video Will Make You Fall in Love, Again!

As already indicated, I like it when Stone makes music about love. And he got the feature right, putting on Adina. Let me be frank, I’m crushing on Adina now after watching the the KP Selorm directed video. I’m glad Flowking is married.. LOL, at least I got a chance. The visuals features colourful scenes, from the garden, to waterbody, the corridor filled with lovely lights, and what have you. Flowking takes us way back when ludo and draft were the games of excitement and love. Great video by all standards.

Wofa Yaw Drops Visuals for “Fantastic”

Returning to music last year after a long break, Wofa Yaw drops visuals to his popular song ‘Fantastic’ directed by Some Song Studios. The video is colourful and doesn’t leave a trace of boredom as pretty ladies dazzle throughout the video in the city of Accra. In the words of Wofa Yaw “when the girl be killer on the dancefloor no man can handle.”

Bra Jhaga – Nobody (Prod. by Liquid Beatz)

Born and Breed in DC, Bra Jhaga developed his love for music in High school. He started as a rapper then switched to singing when he realized it’s a family thing. It’s been all about Afro vibes since then.
If you believe you got your man/lady on lockdown and Nobody can take him/her away from you,this is your song.

Kwesi Arthur – No Title (Prod. by Yung Nyame & Mixed by Kayso)

The hottest Hip-Hop kid on the block is arguably Kwesi Arthur. After landing two hit singles, the streets have been searching another anthem from the Tema rapper. And yes, unexpectedly, he again doesn’t disappoint, rapping and singing on “No Title” which was produced by Yung Nyame and post-production handled by Kayso. The Ground Up Chale native is now stacking paper, and he assures his people that “all this money no go change a man.”