A Look into Gestational Diabetes (Diabetes During Pregnancy)

“I am pregnant and the gynaecologist has asked to do a blood glucose test. Why?”. This was a woman who wanted to find out why she should do the test. I have come across a lot of pregnant patients asking the same question. Let’s discuss. Continue reading “A Look into Gestational Diabetes (Diabetes During Pregnancy)”

[Diabetes Pt.3] Laboratory Investigations in Diabetes

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Diabetes presents with very high glucose levels in blood. It is essential that every individual does a regular check on the blood glucose levels. Continue reading “[Diabetes Pt.3] Laboratory Investigations in Diabetes”

[Diabetes Pt.2] Is Diabetes Manageable?

Read part 1 of this article: Diabetes; Known or Unknown?

There are known groups of people who are at risk of developing Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 (DM2). To be in a risk group doesn’t necessarily mean that you will certainly develop diabetes but statistics have shown that such people stand a higher Continue reading “[Diabetes Pt.2] Is Diabetes Manageable?”

[Diabetes Pt.1] Diabetes; Known or Unknown?

Read part 2 of this article: Is Diabetes Manageable?

Diabetes has risen in rank to one of the most known diseases. This gained popularity however does not come with enough knowledge about it. For a starter, diabetes is of two main forms; Continue reading “[Diabetes Pt.1] Diabetes; Known or Unknown?”

Understanding Crossmatching of Blood for Transfusion

For the ABO grouping, the antibodies produced against the antigens A and B are termed antibodies a and b respectively. Normally, in order not to cause any reaction; if you are of blood group A, Continue reading “Understanding Crossmatching of Blood for Transfusion”

Helicobacter pylori, the Dangerous Bacteria Which Causes Ulcer

One Monday morning, I wasn’t feeling too great but had to go to work anyway. I’m a medical laboratory scientist, hence at work I decided to screen myself thinking I had contracted malaria or some infection which was making me feel that way. I tested positive for Helicobacter pylori although I had no sign of stomach pain or upset. As a shocked and curious scientist I read more about this. Continue reading “Helicobacter pylori, the Dangerous Bacteria Which Causes Ulcer”

G6PD Deficiency; the Medical Condition that can Silently Kill 15-26% of Ghanaians

World Health Organization in 2016 estimated that the prevalence of G6PD deficiency to be between 15% and 26% of our general population. Have you realized there are some things that never gets talked about till it causes a havoc? Continue reading “G6PD Deficiency; the Medical Condition that can Silently Kill 15-26% of Ghanaians”

How Sickle Cell Status is Checked

At a point, one may wonder how medical laboratory scientists are able to check for the sickling status of people. Let me break the process down for easy understanding. Continue reading “How Sickle Cell Status is Checked”