The Ghanaian Dream is Empty

In every country, there is a dream accepted by the whole nation. In the United States, they call it the American dream. In that part of the world, one standout reason why presidents are voted into power is to make sure this dream is achieved by a lot of the inhabitants. Continue reading “The Ghanaian Dream is Empty”

Ol’ Lady Sports Bar & Lounge; The Definition of Entertainment in Kumasi

Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana is an accommodative and business-centered city which has a colourful and natural ambience. Continue reading “Ol’ Lady Sports Bar & Lounge; The Definition of Entertainment in Kumasi”

Don’t Overthink, it Can Get You Depressed

Depression is a mental condition characterized by severe feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. It’s not a moment of sadness where you’re just not in a good mood. Such times can be even changed by good news. When depressed even activities that enthuse you will no more be of interest to you, there’s lack of concentration, and questioning the purpose of your whole existence. There’s anxiety, hopelessness and a sense of guilt. Continue reading “Don’t Overthink, it Can Get You Depressed”

On Feminism; the Secular Push of Love for ‘God’s Image’

We now encounter widespread campaign or advocacy for equal rights for women, feminism. Though there are different school of thoughts on the subject, what underlines the general advances in recognition for the rights of women is LOVE and a right understanding of the image of humanity (that of God). It is for a fact that the image of God refers male and female in so far as we believe and know God created the first couple in his own image; Continue reading “On Feminism; the Secular Push of Love for ‘God’s Image’”

Don’t Be Ungrateful, Show Appreciation

It’s not so common these days to come across a wholehearted person who would show us love by offering a helping hand. But often, people devalue whatever help we get from others. Sometimes too as a result of poor upbringing, we ignore showing appreciation to those who offer helping hands. Continue reading “Don’t Be Ungrateful, Show Appreciation”

Several Females Are Not Able to Achieve their Dreams Because of House Chores

In this our part of the world it’s already a weight on the shoulder to dream. Unless you’re privileged with your parents’ wealth and training, it’s almost not such a good idea to go for your dreams. We didn’t see the essence of girl power and education till the 2000s. Continue reading “Several Females Are Not Able to Achieve their Dreams Because of House Chores”

We’re Living Our Parents’ Dream

At every point in time, there are at least three generations on earth; the youthful generation, the juvenile generation and the old generation. I fall in the youthful bracket and I’m sure you do as well, or probably in one of those brackets. Continue reading “We’re Living Our Parents’ Dream”

Your Mind is Your Greatest Asset

The title of this article should’ve been a cliché by now. Everyone should know this by now, but unfortunately we are barely exposed to such important truths. Sadly, the media doesn’t promote such content. It’s not the fault of the media though, because the media mirrors society. Continue reading “Your Mind is Your Greatest Asset”

Five Things You Can Do While Unemployed

In this world and especially the part we find ourselves it has become quite difficult to secure appropriate or well-paying jobs, especially right after national service. People apply for jobs a lot but don’t get recruited. The few privileged ones land jobs either by merit or by association with respective recruiters. Aside ‘wilding’ on Twitter and slaying on Instagram, listed below are five essential activities you can engage in whiles waiting on the labor gods to bless you. Continue reading “Five Things You Can Do While Unemployed”