Making Eyes Gaze With A Top Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

The great philosopher Confucius once said “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember…” Our brains have cravings for bright pictures and creative images. All social media apps wouldn’t be relevant without the addition of images option. People would want to see more than they read. Friends sometimes say the real truth to me that they barely read my articles, but would watch my IG posts or WhatsApp status images.

Images are everything in this our world today. It’s not a wonder that people have bought into the idea of pre-wedding photoshoot. Instagram (IG) is the new wedding announcer. It’s easier to carry a message through pictures than employing a P.A system. As the saying goes, “pictures speak a thousand words.” Pre-wedding photoshoot has become a method of announcing your wedding, and previewing information like date of the wedding, logo, etc. These days ignoring a pre-wedding photoshoot is like the local government starting a demolition exercise without prior warning.

P re-wedding photoshoot basically has to do with finding the right photographer and developing a befitting theme, concept and location for it.

Sometimes people complain and wonder why photographers charge a lot without considering that it takes real creativity to capture captivating moments with a matching concept. As the couple you have to know what you prefer. You have to tell a story with your photoshoot. Do you want to narrate your story in the setting of a telenovela or as a creation story of Adam and Eve? It all depends on what you want. Creatives like me always want to be mind blown with refreshing artistic content. It’s always good take up what Napoleon couldn’t do. You can decide to go traditional, old school, cowboy, romantic or beachy with your photoshoot. Viewers are just daring for something that would keep their jaws dropping. So flex your creative muscles, and keep it as hip as possible.

Coming up with this post, a friend told me if he’ll ever do a pre-wedding photoshoot, it’ll be at where he met the love of his life. So what about you? Where do you want to have yours?

Not closing up on the range of ingenuity the photoshoot is better done at a serene atmosphere, which captures the intimacy and enjoyment the couple share. It can be by the roadside, on the mountains, in the valleys, forest areas, studio, or even in the room.

I’ve seen a glut of pre-wedding photos… I’d want to see yours soon. I’d want to have may pupils dilate and goosebumps spread all over me. And I know you’d love to give the world a top pre-wedding photo album.

Promise Again!

He stood quietly, staring right at me with a tear-filled eye and shaking lips. I knew he wanted to say something but just couldn’t figure out what. Now thoughts start running through my mind…

The people we trust always betray us

The people we love always deceive us

The people we stand for, always let us down

But should that be the way?

You told me I was the only one when I was actually not yet numbered…

You said yes when the obvious was no. You promised hope that I never saw in daylight. You promised joy that I never saw in life…above all, you promised love that I never dreamt of.

Why promise me all these and turn your back at me?

My heart is broken but not dead

My feelings are hurt but not gone

My mind is blank but waiting for you

I’m hurt but I still love you

Why does something so wrong seem so right?


Sometimes all we need is just a word of assurance. I know all your wrongs and I still loved you. I knew how crazy you can be and I still loved you. I try forgetting about you and I realize I’m instead forgetting about myself and happiness.

You’ve wronged me but I still love you so say something.

I’m not calling or texting but I spend almost every single second waiting for yours…

I may be smiling and laughing out with my friends outside but that is just how best I can escape your vacuum alone. Please say something, just say it. I’m frowning now with a straight face but I’m just waiting to smile. Please say something.

“C’mon, say it” were the thoughts in my mind.”

But before I could raise another thought he kissed me so hard and intense that I couldn’t even catch a breath. He drew back a little and still with shaking lips he said “I love you, I promise this will never happen again.” Then my heart skipped a beat, for a reason I’m yet to decipher.

He just promised again

Didn’t he do the first time?

But why do I seem to want it when I knew he lied the first time?

I know it’s a lie but I need it. Then I realized..

What we don’t want is actually what we need!

Go ahead and promise again

Give yourself a chance

Yvonne Okoro & Other Female ‘Celebs’ Come Down Hard on KOD

Popular media personality Kofi Okyere Darko known in the showbiz industry as KOD took to his Facebook wall to congratulate John Dumelo and also accepting his invitation to come for his wedding over the weekend. He also made some comments which did not go well with some female celebrities

He said “just got off the phone with my friend and brother John Dumelo… my brother’s actually getting married and I’m invited! Unbelievably true oo! Beautiful woman too. Got me wondering why most men in the public eye settle for quiet/unknown women and not the ones all over. That could be a lesson for some of our sisters ooo. Men want women who can make a home and not be all over. I wish them well and can’t wait to see them on Saturday”

This got to actress and producer Yvonne Okoro and she took to her Instagram page to address the issue and this got other female celebrities supporting her view…


Kofi, @nineteen57bykod you could have congratulated the couple without needlessly denigrating other women. Who a man chooses to be with is a matter of personal preference and vice versa for women too. As you clearly believe that women should make all their life choices with marriage always being at the forefront of their minds, you should preach the same to men. I pray that young women would be raised to believe that they can achieve their dreams(working hard,and being KNOWN)and being also the perfect bride for some man one day,this goes for the man too. PS-A quiet and unknown woman does not equate a happy and successful marriage.I know many KNOWN women that are working hard and are all over the place yet great wives and mothers too!! Happy marriage @johndumelo1.See you soon!

A post shared by Yvonne Okoro (@yvonneokoro) on

Now the question is, was KKD being real, or did he go too harsh? What do you make of Okoro’s assertion?


Confidence; a Lost Factor in Ghanaians

Confidence breeds confidence. Confidence breeds success. Confidence can make you do the unthinkable. With confidence, you can climb the highest ladder. Confidence, although a good habit, is barely discussed in this part of the world. We don’t raise our children with confidence. When a child is very confident in Ghana, we automatically think he/she might’ve probably being raised abroad. It’s almost impossible to grow up with such a trait here.

Ghanaian adults don’t respect children. It has even gotten better now. As a kid, any adult at all could whip another’s child freely. I thank my parents for not allowing that. Think about the names we call children here… “herh”, “small boy/girl”, “eyi”, etc. You may be thinking that’s not a big deal, but it has a subconscious effect on these kids. We forget they are young kings and queens.

When a child goes wrong, we publicly insult them and treat them as foolish idiots. The number of times they hear abusive words are multiple times more than they hear praises. In primary school, the mechanism of control is putting fear in pupils. Teachers shout at them anyhow they want, to earn their respect. Actually, nobody praises them at all. Well, unless it’s a seduction to send them to buy us something. I’m not saying children shouldn’t be disciplined, but the same way we find no problem in looking down on them, we shouldn’t also find a problem with installing a dint of confidence in them.

Due to all these, we grow up timid and with small dreams or none at all. Cast your mind back into school. Do you remember the number of people who were always hiding from that teacher who liked to ask a lot of questions, all because they lacked confidence of getting it wrong? How many people were able to ask questions in your class? Yes, you’re struggling to come up with a high number, because most of us contemplated if it’s a sensible question, due to negative experiences.

I was victim of lack of confidence. Naturally, I’m a quiet person. I was very timid. Every time I tried to be active a bit, my teachers furiously told me “Ofori, you’re becoming unbecoming”, then I’d run back into my shelf. During my senior high school days, I was able to change that. I wanted to have a balance in life, so I surrounded myself with people who lived a happy and carefree life, people who entertained themselves. I learnt a lot from a friend nicknamed 2 PM and another called Alan (in uni). With them, I was able to carry out successful activities and voice my opinion out. The fear started wearing off to the point that I was able to contest for positions, organize events, MC at programmes, talk on radio and publicly, and a lot more. Accomplishments that takes confidence to undertake. However, I lose a percentage of this confidence when I go to a new environment, till I’m able to remind myself that I’m it!

Boost your confidence today. Infect your friends and family with it. Put it in your kids. Confidence will make you win.

Precious Pearls

The people we choose to spend our time with, will go a long way to determine what we will turn out to be. If we want to reach a certain level in life; we should be mindful of the company we keep. Some people are timewasters; that is, they spend most of their time talking about things that are not beneficial in anyway. While others will encourage and push us toward excellence.

As we interact with people, we should ask ourselves; where will I be if I continue to keep this person very close to me for five years? After asking this question, we should learn to pause for few seconds and picture ourselves. If the results are positive; this will mean that friend or relationship has a positive impact on us.  But after a careful analysis, and we find out that relation will drain our energy and will not make any significant impact on us then, we should learn to discontinue that relationship.

Let us think of that relationship as a pearl. Pearls are beautiful and expensive but its beauty will also be determined by who puts on. If a pearl is given to a princess or a queen; she will wear it with so much pride and dignity. This is because, the princess or the queen has been nurtured to be a lady. So, she will cherish precious things like a pearl. On the other hand, if the same pearl is given to a pig, it will just make it dirty. Over here, the fault is not that of the pearl but the person who possesses it.

Every person can be compared to this pearl and the people we choose to keep company with will determine our outcome either accomplished or destroyed. One of the most important things is the company we choose. We will eventually copy what they say or do. If their actions are negative; we destroy ourselves but if their actions are positive we will be better than who we were before we met them.

We should therefore be mindful of the people we invite into our lives if we value the life we are living. People who want achieve good things and make a difference choose their company wisely.

Moesha Boduong Wasn’t Truthful but Many Ladies Use Sex to Make a Living; Any Solutions?

On the night of April 11, 2018, after people deleted their trolls against Real Madrid, a video surfaced online of a Moesha Boudong CNN interview. I didn’t need Baba Fakunle to foretell me that the video would erupt and trend in the morning. This was because of the statements she made in the interview. The actress and model without fear of retrogression generalized that, due to the economy, ladies of her age can’t be independent, and need the assistance of rich men to be able to make ends meet. I quote her words vividly: “It’s like our economy is just such in a way that you just need someone to take care of you. You can’t make enough money as a woman here. Because even when you want to get an apartment, in Ghana, you pay 2 years in advance. And I just started working, where will I get money to pay for an apartment for 2 years?


Now for those who don’t know, this interview was held on a programme on CNN known as “Sex and Love Around the World.” On this show, the hostess, Christiane Amanpour travels the world covering global affairs, getting personal with women by inquiring about their intimate lives. So it’s not out of track for Moesha, well known for exposing her voluptuous body, to land such an interview.

Social media has been divided into 2 parts. One side bashing her for painting Ghana black, and not giving a true reflection of what goes on here. The other side also calls Ghanaians hypocrites, and testify that it’s the reality she was bold to voice out on an international platform.

Moesha Boduong

Honestly speaking, what Moesha said is not the truth. We all know a lot of ladies who work their asses of to make ends meet, are self-reliant and independent. Those females actually carry a majority of the populace. However, that doesn’t change the fact that a significant percentage of Ghanaian ladies sleep around to make ends meet. I lived in the community of University of Ghana, Legon for 4 years. I saw ladies in sexually-appealing shorts everyday standing beside their sugar daddies’ cars. Others got dropped on campus on Sunday and Monday mornings.

Everyone is busily throwing insults at Moesha for her statement, but none is thinking about how we can empower women to be independently free. If you’ve not experienced it before, or tried putting yourself in their shoes, you may easily condemn the act of sleeping around for money. When in uni, ladies from not-so-rich backgrounds had to keep up on appearances, pay their hostel fees, feed themselves, and have an enjoyable life on campus. After graduating, everyone chases independence, so they want to live alone, and choose their own path. That way, the expenses are high. So they think of it as instead of laying with broke guys who may eventually cheat or break their hearts, why don’t they go in for rich men who can suit their bills.

List of Female Enterpreneurs in Ghana

Inasmuch as this analogy sounds legit, it is wrong. First of all, you have to accept that in this life, you are on your own. If you understand that, you’ll learn to live within your means. If you’re not satisfied, find good ways to make money for yourself. Your sisters abroad are schooling and working at the same time. You can do it, maybe, your problem is that you’ll receive less salary. Remember, half a loaf is better than none. Venture into entrepreneurship. Even if you fail, you’ll learn a lot along the way. Depending on someone for support only makes you lazy. It suggests that the greatest asset you have is your vagina.

Don’t trade your vaginal pride for cedis. The greatest weapon you have is an active and rational mind. If your counterpart females are able to have small startups, draft proposals, work 9 to 5, etc., and make a living off it, what stops you from doing same? Yes, the economy makes it tough, but when life gives you lemons, you squeeze lemonades. It’s better that way than using your vagina for barter trade.

Thanks to Moesha for bringing the discussion up. If I wrote this article last 2 days you may have not read it. What’s fulfilling is a Ghana of powerful and hardworking ladies, who double up as good parents and wives. Let’s get it!

Bloody Mary

My eyes were barely closed and I could feel the pain in my abdomen, a very sharp one of course. My cover cloth took most of my strength, as I tightly held on to it. Being put in a freezer was nothing compared to the cold I felt, and I could not think for myself again. After turning unto different sides of my body countless times, I was finally tired. I couldn’t move anymore.

My legs felt weak and my arms could barely do anything than grip firmly to my bed and cloth. I was in severe pain, the kind of pain that dragged life out of you. I needed something however I couldn’t figure out what. I could do nothing.

Suddenly my thoughts went dark and all I could think of were regrets.

What if I never met Jane?

What would it have cost to let the championship go?

I was an athlete in my final year in school with just one term to go, when my friend Jane introduced me to this man. I had won my  national race after beating all contenders from the various regions and I was due to travel for the national championship in Europe. So why now?

What did I do wrong?

What did I do to deserve this?

It was until then I realised my eyes were short of tears as I had been crying since morning and I was very thirsty. I stretched to reach for the sachet of water on the table by my bed but I couldn’t reach it.  I was so weak. I had to use my last strength to drive myself to take the water and quench my dire thirst.

Before I could reach the sachet, my thighs felt wet and my bed was soaked, I raised the cloth to see why, and all I could see was blood! So much blood!!. Fear struck me and I started shaking!

The drug Jane gave me didn’t go well. I perceived immediately. Oh God!..what had I done?

The bed was so soaked, it stained the floor. My hands and body were so stiff that it felt as if I was frozen. I should have told him I was pregnant. I should have not listened to Jane.

I should have put my four-month old baby first before my championship.

Now I can’t go back, I’m stuck in this gruesome mire of life and there’s no escape. What lies ahead is one I won’t think of. I’m stuck with regrets. I shed tears and wept. All of a sudden, I missed life with everyone and every single moment. Thinking about the good times and the bad ones, giving myself another chance over and over again. Living myself through my regrets over and over again.

The next thought was to kill myself by finishing the concoction of grounded glass and herbs which I had tried using to terminate my pregnancy. How could I have thought of this?

Is Jane that wicked? Or she was just being a good friend?

She gave me an empty glass bottle to grind into tiny pieces and mix with some weird herbs she had picked from a bush nearby, and drink. Desperate times call for much reasoning. If you’re in a confusing state or situation, don’t rush on decisions and be very careful of the only option you’ve got.

My strength was gone and my life was being squeezed out of me slowly by the pain. I was almost gone. I am dying. I started imagining what my child could have become, maybe something far greater than my championship or 5th gold honors… what a world we live in!

“Mary!!”..”Mary!!”…that was my mother calling, she had just come back from church and didn’t know what I had done. “Get up Mary!, you’ve been sleeping all day”, she said. I couldn’t respond. She dragged the cloth off me and was astounded by the blood soaked sheets that spilled all over the floor. “Jesus!” she screamed.

When you want to take a decision in life, think through it first. Sometimes in life, everything seems down and confused. You can’t make head from tail and all your thoughts become blurred. You have no idea whatsoever of what to do. Just kneel and pray, ask for guidance, talk to someone about it and don’t fear your failure, for your biggest failure is fear.

The tiny million pieces of glass were cutting my womb and stomach slowly and painfully that I could feel every single cut in my abdomen. Thick red blood with some whitish discharge was oozing from my genitalia and was dripping off my thighs to the hospital floor, as I sat on the wheel chair. I could hear every drop hit against the floor tiles like a not properly closed kitchen tap with water dripping. My legs were trembling and numb. I was so scared and it got worst after taking my hands off between my thighs and beheld my blood-stained palms. It was all over my hands. I was lost in a world of regret. I could hear nothing or see nothing.

Am I dead?

God has a plan for each and every one of us. You might sin and get away with it but don’t think God is dead, he just has better plans for you and he must see you through. He gives as a chance that others would wish for, to fulfil his purpose for us.

If not for God, I would have been dead!


I recovered after months of hospitalization and I appreciate life better now. I lost my baby and womb, but I still have life.

We only have one life so, live it right!

Deadman, Alive!

Suddenly I lost control of myself and was being manhandled by a strong force that took me high up regardless of my body position and crushed me down with great force on the surface. I finally lost my reasoning. Everything became dark and all I could see was nothing. I tried getting on my feet, only to realise there was nothing beneath, then the thoughts came running, where am I?

My hands touched nothing and my feet felt loose, my eyes could not see and my nose could not breathe.

At this point my mind was blank and helpless, rendering my entire being clueless. Then slowly, I began to lose hold of the grasp of air in my lungs and as well the firm grab of my nose and mouth. Water started gushing in slowly until I could hold no more. It gradually filled my throat and nostrils, and I was struggling vigorously to catch some breath or get above the surface.

During the struggle all I could see were images of those I hate and think hate me, ones that always brought me pain and suffering. Ones that never support even when I grief for help, and ones all my life have brought pain and hatred, the bad times and the terrible moments. As I continued struggling my limbs got fatigued and I struggled less with my lungs being filled halfway with water, I realized my strength was gone and I could fight no more.

I did not give up but my strength was gone…

Immediately I was sober and sodden in regret and sorrow. I could not hold on any longer. My senses were all dead and I could do nothing for myself. I was so exhausted and couldn’t even afford to blink if I had the chance. Then I decided to give up. But just before I was gone, in a split second, all the memories of great moments I had with loved ones and friends came embracing before I departed.

I saw the face of my mum and dad when I was a kid, I recalled wonderful moments I never would have if I was normal. I saw the faces of each person I love, my family laughing and sharing experiences, my friends misbehaving and quarreling, classmates teasing and sharing ideas; the children on the field, then joy in church. All these beautiful things were bidding farewell right in my face and I was ready to go a happy man, everything went dark and I knew it was time, suddenly I saw her face, clearer than all the other memories and faces I had seen…she was the love of my life. She said nothing and did nothing but just kept smiling.

I really missed her.

But suddenly she had a sad look and I knew it was because I was leaving.

I wanted to right my wrongs,

I wanted to apologise,

I wanted to say goodbye,

Just what I needed, an Iorta of Hope,

The beneath my feet never felt and the pillar that was missing in the vacuum my swinging arms didn’t grab…

I breathed heavily with my last strength and I pushed hard only to feel a warm arm holding me and dragging me towards a very bright light, the light was brighter than day and warmer. All the water in my lungs came running out and my chest was loose,

My first breath was cooler

My limbs felt free and I was alive

I opened my eyes and I saw the skies. It was more beautiful than I ever saw it…

I saw the people around me and they were much more fascinating than I thought they were…

I felt myself again and I appreciated it…

I was a dead man and I’m now alive!

The feeling of a just delivered child we never remember or know.

I was saved by the beautiful people and times I had,

I was saved by love.


Life is beautiful, it’s where you belong!

Words by Nana Kofi Tego

The Perils of Pornography

Most youth have the school of thought that pornography tends to be a source of sexual excitement for them. From the looks of it, they may have a point but then do they get to know the scenes behind the mindset of porn? Once they get satisfied with the amusement they need, they begin to forget all the misfortunes they bring to themselves in the course of their lifetime — talk about marriage, education etc.

Well then, there is the need for someone to bring to their notice that this form of practice tends to do them more harm than good.

I have therefore taken this opportunity to enlist the problems accompanied to this form of habit most of us enjoy in our everyday life.

Starting with the idea that excessive consumption of pornography causes erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a state where the genitals tends not to erect even with naked sexy lady in front of a man. Inasmuch as I don’t want to bore you with the science of all this, bear in mind that there’s proven to be porn-induced erectile dysfunction. They tend not to have any pleasure in any sexual activity with women and this I know does not bring healthy relationship between a man and his woman of choice eventually leading to lots of havoc in their relationship. What’s worse? The man loses the natural ability to procreate.

Furthermore, the watching of pornography often affects the emotion of viewers. Viewers of pornography mostly do their act in isolation, and this leads to a more familiar bond with this artificial or virtual world they create within their minds than the real world. Such people are hard to please even if they’re with the right relationship partner.

Lastly, probably the greatest effect that pornography has over the lives of its viewers is that it triggers the addiction cycle in the brain of its viewers. Studies show that real brain functions change in someone who has an addiction. Since watching porn becomes a real life addiction, viewers are mostly not able to quit with their own power. Pornography addicts will have to go through the series of difficult recovery process a drug addict has to go through.

If viewers of pornography actually know these side effects of porn, they would have been done watching it. It is therefore our responsibility that we alert them on the antagonistic mindset of pornography. Thank you.

The Path Behind Us

As we travel, the path behind us will look smaller as we move forward; while the path we approach will look clearer and broad. This is how we should learn to forget the bad choices we have made in the past. Human beings are not perfect no matter how hard we try. We make a lot of mistakes which may cost us while others will not.

When we remember the mistakes we have made; it is normal to feel guilty and wish we could go back and correct our wrongs. These mistakes could be the choices we made consciously, but some may be the things we overlooked.  We all go through that time that the biggest mistakes we made play back in our minds repeatedly. Though we will remember the good things we have done; that is our achievements, these are some of the positive things we have done and feel proud of.

On the other hand, when the negative choices we have made in the past play in our minds, we should learn to let go of them. They sometimes ruin our day or week. There are some choices that will affect us till the end of our lives. Instead of regretting and wishing we should not have made those choices; we should learn from what we did wrong and teach others so that they will not make similar mistakes that we made.

As a result of our bad choices, we may lose certain things or some people forever but once we have life, we say there is more to live for. It is good to know what things led to those choices and never repeat them again. If we allow the negative choices we have made in our past to play, they will play the loudest in our minds as we dwell on them. At the end of the day, we may feel powerless making us think life is not worth living.

When we remember these negative choices we made in the past, we should learn to tell ourselves we are not perfect and if we had known that the consequences of our actions would have been negative, we would not have made those choices. Making mistakes is part of life and out of that, we get experience and increase in knowledge so we can guide others. We can also apologise to the people we have hurt or those who have been affected by negative actions and after this, we should leave them in the past where they belong and live our lives.