Dear 2018

Dear 2018

Like an eagle soaring high

My heart is flying high to have an encounter with you

But be not like passed years

Coming and going with the good, the bad and the ugly

Come with all good,

Give me joy

Bring me smiles

And be beautiful to me


Dear 2018

2017 gave us a bit of everything good and bad

Doors were opened for people

Some couldn’t even find keys !!

Some did find the keys but didn’t know the doors !!

Loved ones were lost

And loved ones born !!

Lives shattered

And lives repaired


You have to do well

You don’t need to please all

Just try!

When we meet,

You gotta be friendly to the end !

You cannot please everyone

But just be good

And be faithful


Dear 2018

Sweet scented as you seemed to be

I again say be good

For to your peaceful days my heart cries for

And your lonely days I wish not to meet

Get up to meet me in a way so juicy and simple

Make my face forever shine with a deep dimple

Dear 2018 please be good.


Words by Martha Benyinge and Akakpo Elikem.

An Intimate Letter to God by AlexRepGh

Dear God,

It’s your boy once again. I thought we should talk. Ever since we fought, I’ve been going through hell. Nothing has gone too well. I fill my lungs with smokes, and my belly with hard liquor. My heart is full of hatred, covetousness, and anger, and my brain occupied by thoughts I can barely describe. For instance, whenever I walk down the street and I see a beautiful lady, I only think of how she’d be when she’s without clothes. But when I see half-naked celebrities on TV, I censure them, rain insults at them, and wish evil befall them. At the same time, I wish blessings upon myself and the entire circle around me: family, friends among others, even those who dress just like those people I see on TV. LORD, I’ve been such a hypocrite. Forgive me.

As I write this letter, it’s Sunday but I didn’t go to church. The last time I went to church, I had a nice time. I enjoyed how people danced around, shaking their bum-bums, the youth exhibiting their exuberance, similar to the way people danced when I visited the night club last Saturday. But this time, it’s not at the night club, so it’s fine. And I also witnessed the appeal for funds that went on.

I wish I could describe how I enjoyed it as much as how I didn’t enjoy it. For those who were able to give very large amounts of money, I believe they enjoyed it. Special prayers were said for them, and those who couldn’t give anything were encouraged to do so the next time. But the encouragement was indirectly telling them that it’s very wrong to not give something when you attend church.

The same way that the ‘preacher’ in a public transport would expect you to pay him for telling you to repent from your evil ways. They even expect the ‘trotro mate’ not to charge them for boarding their vehicle. When I want to take something from another person, I would firstly talk about an unrelated issue which would stir the person’s moral feelings. Then being aware of the state of their moral feelings, I would then ask them to give what I really want to ask. Lord guide and guard your children from guilefulness.

Many people pretend to be the lights, but their hearts are filled with darkness. When my heart was filled with darkness, it was your seven stars that shone upon my paths. When I thought I had lost my soul, your word held it, and I found it again. But when I tell the world, they don’t believe it because I do not go to church. Or I do not update my social media pages with words that praise you, words that thank You for saving my life.

But I know YOU know how grateful I’ve been for all the blessings you bestowed upon me, especially throughout the year 2017.
2017 was an amazing year. It started with committing myself to paths I never knew where they’d lead me, but that’s when you told me to have faith. When the road got rough, and everything fell apart, you put my pieces together and made me whole again. In 2018, I don’t wish for a better year, I wish for a year as good as all the other years I’ve lived on this earth. I pray that your wishes come through in the rest of the years of my life.

I will write again.

Yours forever,

The True Christmas Spirit

Christmas is a time of merry making and its closeness to the New Year celebration has made it not only a season for Christians to celebrate the birth of their Saviour but a time to show love by and to all. The spirit of the yuletide is giving without the thought of receiving back. It is a time of happiness because we see joy in people.

In addition to the season being a time of reflections and appreciation to God for the graces and blessings received in the year, we also use the time to reflect on the coming year.

Certainly, Christmas is a time of giving and sharing with those around us, but that sharing is not limited to those that we know, we love and care for. It is also for that person you have never met, that poor family who lives in your community.

From its very essence, we can see this giving nature of the yuletide in the birth of Christ himself. God freely gave out his Son to be born a man who will save us from sin and bring us back to God. So what is Christmas without giving? It is the giving act of God that we celebrate on Christmas thus we must reflect this very act.

More significantly, we share the moment with our families and friends which to us makes it joyous to some of us. Buying new clothes and giving presents to our children are the Christmas traditions that we have always chosen to observe and we always look forward to this treasured tradition every Christmas.

Although we all know of this spirit of giving in the Christmas season, our focus for much of the times has been on our families and friends. With a few celebrities, NGOs like my very own Love Foundation Club and other individual philanthropists always carrying the sharing of this seasonal love outside the family and friend zone, we must all emulate them. The true nature of Christmas is to give to the poor and the needy.

One of the other main reasons we have to carry out this custom of giving at Christmas is to remind us of the presents given to Jesus the baby king who was born in a manger (a symbol of him being born in poverty) by the Wise Men: Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. Christmas is a time of forgetting ourselves and finding time for others as the Wise Men did.

Let us extend the Christmas spirit of giving to the poor, the needy, the street kids, the sick and aged in our communities. This is the true spirit of Christmas; God giving his begotten Son not to a world of saints, a world of the rich but a world of those who have been cut off from him by sin.

Show love to someone who is poor outside your family and friend zone and with this, you are imitating Christmas in its true nature. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Words by Elikem Akakpo

My Ultimate Friend “Has To Be Someone Who Won’t Judge Me” – Joselyn Dumas

How does one choose a best friend? It’s not a question you would normally sit down and think about but it’s a very interesting mind game if you do decide to try.

Ghanaian actress and on air personality Joselyn Dumas has listed her requirements for choosing her girlfriends and its a simple list of only two attributes.

The friend has to be as non-judgemental as Dumas herself is and has to have ‘a crazy mind’, to make every day an adventure full of endless possibilities.

Dumas revealed this over the weekend on her reality talk show ‘Keeping it Real’.

Dizfa Gray and Jane Awoonor were the guests on the weekly show to discuss friendship among women and all its attendant complications.

As the discussion turned to what to look out for in a best friend, the former host of ‘The One Show’ chimed in with her ‘two cents’ on the issue.

“For me it has to be somebody who won’t judge me. I don’t like to be judged because I don’t judge – I mean my mum always says the fact you don’t do something doesn’t mean somebody would not do it to you — but if you don’t judge me you’re my home girl forever and ever.” Dumas said.

“We have a lot of people who are very judgemental, both male and female, these days. So for me, the ultimate thing is somebody who’s not going to judge me.”

She added that the second most crucial attribute she looks out for, is somebody who has a crazy mind and helps make life interesting day in and day out.

“The person has to have a crazy mind, it’s very important. I think when you have a crazy mind the possibilities are endless, it’s like an onion, you keep peeling and you keep peeling and you’re revealing something new every day. And I’m still trying to find myself so when you have a very crazy mind we can do that together.”

Her guests Dzifa and Jane listed similar attributes, with the latter prioritizing a positive personality above everything else and the former looking for an honest and fun loving friend.

‘Keeping it Real with Joselyn Dumas’ is a reality chat show created by the actress and aired on GhOne TV every Saturday at 8:30pm. It is produced by Dumas and Shirley Frimpong Manso, and features the actress and two female panellists discussing the tough questions about being a lady in a man’s world.

Follow Joselyn Dumas on social media:

Twitter: @Joselyn_Dumas

Instagram: @Joselyn_Dumas

Facebook: Joselyn Dumas(Official)

Adwoa Owusuaa Writes On Choices

The little decisions and choices we make daily affect our lives. Positive choices and decisions will yield positive results; while negative choices and decisions lead to negative results. There is no middle ground when it comes to choices. Choices can be little as our emotions. How we feel is a choice we make every second whether positive or negative.

When we feel positive; we tend to make positive choices and meet people who feel positive. On the other hand, when we feel negative or when we say: “Oh this is going to be a bad day.” We tend to have a terrible day, anybody we meet makes our day very tough and very difficult to put up with.

When we feel positive about ourselves and feel we are in control of our lives, we feel we can do anything and correct the mistakes we make. On the other hand, if we feel negative and think other things control us other than being in control of our lives, we feel weak and
powerless. We tend to think other people and things determine how we feel and how our
lives turn out to be. For instance, when a person is rude to us; we can decide to ignore them or pay them back by being rude. How a person treats us has got little to do with us but it has got more to do with them and how they feel about themselves.

In schools or work places we find out that bullies are people who have low self‐esteem or are insecure. These people will want others to feel the same so, they try to intimidate or pass sarcastic comments to make others feel bad about themselves so that they can feel good about themselves. Again, people who are confident about themselves inspire or motivate others.  How a person treats us has little to do with what we do or do not do to them or for them.

Most of the time, it is how the person feels that manifests itself on the outside through
their word and actions toward us. When we allow people to determine how we feel or react all the time, we tend to live shallow lives. We have to make a decision to be happy and live positively no matter how we are treated or what comes our way. We have to note that people are different; some are kind other are not. Their attitude will not change the value we place on ourselves rather, it is how we see ourselves that matter.

We should learn to accept that, how people treat or do not treat us has got little to do with
us but has got a lot to do with them and live life happy. The more we learn to accept this, the better our lives will be. When we feel positive about ourselves we will see the positive in situations that will help us make positive decisions and give us positive results. These little things we see as insignificant have major effects on our lives. When we are in a good mood, we tend to make positive decisions and have positive results. Again, when we allow these little things affect us negatively, we tend to make bad decisions and get negative results. Our emotions have a tremendous effect on our lives.

By Adwoa Owusuaa  

[Download] J. Y. Frimpong Finally Releases “The Sufist” Book For Free

Ghanaian writer, J.Y. Frimpong, challenges so many cultural concepts in “The Sufist”. He presents five short stories which talks about suicide thoughts, failed expectations, disappointments in defined gender roles, digital citizenship and the negative side to development of cities we ignore.

Download the PDF of #TheSufist below. Have a good read.

20 Year Old Ken Kojo Adams Makes A 3D Portriat Of President Akuffo Addo

Self-taught painter and artist, Ken Kojo Adams has made a unique impression of the president of the Republic of Ghana. Starting at the age of 16, Ken developed a passion for painting and went ahead to teach himself by practicing it more.

Currently studying Arts at Takoradi Polytechnic, he has improved immensely with the art and looks at been a big name in the industry. Been motivated by the strives H.E Akuffo Addo has gone through to attain the presidency, Ken Kojo Adams deems it fit to make a portrait of the His role model and looks forward to presenting it to him.

Joselyn Dumas Talks About Growing Pains During & After Pregnancy With Stephanie Benson & Apolline Attripoe

Womanhood has always been with complications from menstrual cramps, childbearing to delivery, amongst a lot more.

In episode two of Keeping It Real With Joselyn Dumas, the screen goddess has an in-depth discussion about growing pains during pregnancy.

Speaking from experience, Joselyn Dumas who happens to be a mother of one (1) is joined by Stephanie Benson who is a mother of five (5), and Apolline Attripoe, a mother of one (1).

They touched on weight gain, increase in appetite, cravings for irregular things and how to curb them to keep the mother and child healthy and safe.

Keeping Up With Joselyn Dumas is a reality TV talk show that runs on GhOneTV every Saturday at 8 pm. The host, Joselyn Dumas invites friends and industry players to discuss issues pertaining health, relationships, business and other relevant issues based on personal experiences.

Watch the said episode below:

Adwoa Owusuaa Delves Into the Topic of “Responsibility”

One of the things we think is easy to do in life is not taking responsibility for things we
do and things we fail to do. It feels quite easy to blame people and the things around us
for our unhappiness and pain in our daily lives. We sit around and wait for something to
go wrong so we can look for someone or something to push and put the blame on.
When a student scores A in a test he or she will say: “I got an A” on the other hand, if the
same student scores a D in a test he or she will say: “the teacher gave me a D”. Or we say
the teacher did this or that and we had this issue or that issue; that is why we didn’t
perform well.

Photo credit: Fine Art America

This also happens in various work places and places of worship as well.
People are not happy about their jobs because of their co-workers and people do not
visit various places of worship because of other members. They easily point out that
other people are the cause. Taking responsibility for every aspect of your life is your
duty no one will or can do for you. That is why there are people who are lonely all the
time no matter where they find themselves because they think their happiness is
determined by people or circumstances. To be a happy or unhappy individual is your

To be happy human beings, we have to take responsibility socially; by
doing what is right and acceptable, financially; by being in control of our expenditure,
health wise; by taking care of our physical bodies and mental health as well and most
importantly, spiritually by taking into consideration our souls and minds which are the
most essential aspects of our being.

People fail to take responsibility when they know that something has gone wrong or is
going wrong or will go wrong. It is very important to be responsible because, it an
essential part of maturity and a very good sign of self-confidence. Taking responsibility
for our actions first starts in our minds, the fact that; we know we are responsible for
our lives and all the things surrounding us make us gain control over our lives, other
than thinking people or circumstances control us. Also, we will have positive attitudes
towards situations or challenges and issues as I call them rather than “problems”
because; calling problems issues, situations or challenges take away all the negative
charges surrounding issues and make you know that, you can do something about them.
When we take responsibility, we know that issues or challenges are there to teach us
something and make us stronger other than destroy or ruin us.

On the other hand, if we push blame and avoid taking responsibility deep down, we feel
and know we are not in control of our lives therefore people and circumstances
determine the success and failure of our lives and our happiness as well. Responsibility
is one essential aspect of success and if I say success am not only talking about financial
stability but peace of mind that is; freedom from fear, anger and guilt. High levels of
health and energy, loving relationships, worthy goals and ideals, feeling of selffulfilment
and financial freedom as Brian Tracy puts success under these six(6)
categories in his audio program The Psychology of Achievement. Life will become less
stressful if we take responsibility for our actions.

Written by Adwoa Owusuaa

We All Deserve to be Appreciated

We do not have to wait till a person is not around before we appreciate all the good
things they have done for us or others. It is good to say positive things about people in
their absence, however, people need to be encouraged, appreciated or complemented in
their presence so that they will have the strength to continue their good works. As cars
or other machines need fuel to run, as athletes need the screams or cheering of the
crowd to put in much effort; that is how all the people in our lives need to be
encouraged or complemented so that we see more of their positive attitudes.

Sometimes, we need to tell them to their faces; looking right in their eyes and smiling so
that they know all their little efforts are appreciated. Family members, close friends or
colleagues should be the ones who we should compliment and appreciated often. We
tend to overlook all their efforts; these are the people who give us much and due to
familiarity we fail to acknowledge their efforts. We wait till they are not around before
we begin to accept and appreciate all that they have done. When a person is praised or
complimented for a good deed done rather than a mistake they have made; we notice
that they do more of the things that will get them praised rather than the things they
will do to get corrected. We all respond to positive reinforcement; positive attitudes or
thoughts overshadow negative ones.

Photo credit: Getty Images

We all want to feel good and confident about ourselves and one way we can achieve this
is to praise, compliment or appreciate people. One of the best things that can happen to
an individual is seeing that you are the cause of the smile on someone’s face or making
someone’s day. This is better than criticising or pointing out the faults of a person; it
seems easy but it is not worth it. The most beautiful things in life are simple and easy to
give. A smile or a laugh or wishing a person the best in life are all simple. We have to
learn how to look at the positive when we come in contact with a person.

Photo credit: Clipart Library

A complement can help someone have a stress-free day; a hug can make a person feel
wanted or needed. People need these little things to get through the day or the week.
Sometimes, these complements encourage us or the people who receive them to push
harder; or give their best due to the confidence they get out of these comments. Like
children, adults also feel confident and want to prove to our parents or loved ones when
we are having a performance in public- even when we are shaken by the presence of the
crowd: that is what a good comment, complement or an appreciation from someone we
know is telling the truth does to us. It is amazing how babies understand a smile or a
complement. So as we go through our day(s) and meet a friend, a relative, colleague or a
stranger; we should take some few seconds of our time and appreciate their efforts. Let
us tell them what is positive and true about them in their presence: it could be their
sense of humour, their sense of style, their colour choices or their attitude or anything
positive we can find about them. We all deserve to be encouraged to be able to keep
doing the good things we do.

Written by Adwoa Owusuaa