[Download] J. Y. Frimpong Finally Releases “The Sufist” Book For Free

Ghanaian writer, J.Y. Frimpong, challenges so many cultural concepts in “The Sufist”. He presents five short stories which talks about suicide thoughts, failed expectations, disappointments in defined gender roles, digital citizenship and the negative side to development of cities we ignore. Download the PDF of #TheSufist below. Have a good read.

20 Year Old Ken Kojo Adams Makes A 3D Portriat Of President Akuffo Addo

Self-taught painter and artist, Ken Kojo Adams has made a unique impression of the president of the Republic of Ghana. Starting at the age of 16, Ken developed a passion for painting and went ahead to teach himself by practicing it more. Currently studying Arts at Takoradi Polytechnic, he has improved immensely with the art […]

Joselyn Dumas Talks About Growing Pains During & After Pregnancy With Stephanie Benson & Apolline Attripoe

Womanhood has always been with complications from menstrual cramps, childbearing to delivery, amongst a lot more. In episode two of Keeping It Real With Joselyn Dumas, the screen goddess has an in-depth discussion about growing pains during pregnancy. Speaking from experience, Joselyn Dumas who happens to be a mother of one (1) is joined by […]

Adwoa Owusuaa Delves Into the Topic of “Responsibility”

One of the things we think is easy to do in life is not taking responsibility for things we do and things we fail to do. It feels quite easy to blame people and the things around us for our unhappiness and pain in our daily lives. We sit around and wait for something to […]

We All Deserve to be Appreciated

We do not have to wait till a person is not around before we appreciate all the good things they have done for us or others. It is good to say positive things about people in their absence, however, people need to be encouraged, appreciated or complemented in their presence so that they will have […]

The Youngest Philanthropist in Africa

Philanthropy in Africa seems to be reserved for the elite, those who have affluence and influence. In fact we hear of philanthropy or charity when the one who performs the good act is a celebrity. But there is a new order in the trend as one young Ghanaian boy is making waves in the pursuit […]

Elikem Akpakpo Discusses “The Better Side of Loneliness”

As if greater than the “City of God”, so many glorious things are told of the opposites of loneliness which are the states of togetherness or being in a company. Loneliness has negative connotations. And never have I heard a teacher, a preacher or an elder ever commend “loneliness” to someone. Loneliness is not like […]

The Quest to Become Celebrities; The World’s Standard Leading to Doom

Written by Elikem Akpakpo Kwabla Today, living in obscurity is as painful to some youths as a chronic headache. Some are very hungry for fame and can’t let go of their appetites of being called celebrities in the shortest possible time. This hunger for fame has landed most of our young people in messy and […]