Hood Cyphaz – Uprising (Pt. 1)


When I hear of a Ghanaian cypher these days, I don’t get moved because of the weak bars. But hey, Hood Cyphaz has given me a different perspective. They’ve taken it way back to the days when cyphers were about who’s a beast on the mic. Real lyricists jumped on this one to make what a real cypher should be. Of course, what do you expect when you have Blurr, Russel, Ice Box and co on the mic? Real Hip-Hop is back. Real Rap is back!! Enjoy listening, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

A couple of notable lines include:

“I keep it on my wrist, no time to waste. Nti like a deaf judge, me nte wo case”

“Uprising, lemme elevate your soul. Don’t believe in everything you get told”



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