[Lyrics] Sarkodie – Black Excellence (Ebibiman)


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Yea.. Few things I’ve been thinking about these days

Yea.. Not like I got it figured out

But, I think it’s worth talking about it

Yea.. Listen.. Tie!



The young ones we need to invest

Yɛntwa y’ani mfiri the people that we’re tryna impress

Nnamfofoɔ, the girls-girls, it’s just bringing us stress

Thousand dollar Gucci shoes, wo dwen sɛ ɛyɛ flex

You don’t need to keep up

The world is a trap

All you need is a f*cking tea cup, take a sip and relax

Think about it, we slaves mentally, and it sucks

Cos yɛ lacke confidence, that be why we showing off stacks

Society is really f*cked up, mayne I’m sorry

It takes a lot of dedication to build you a story

But nowadays mmaa no feeli boys a ɔmo bɛ show off

The ones with the drive and the vision is kinda boring

Girl no se ɔmpɛ wo a dawge, stay focused

ɔmo a ɔmo claime big boy pii no a bunch of jokers

Wo nnamfofoɔ se wo yɛ cheap, so they can’t hang around with you

That’s okay, hang around with stock brokers

Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, how to dream

Hardwork, dedication, discipline, extreme

Tɔ dabi a you feel left out, sometimes it seems like damn!

Don’t you worry, wo nsɛm wɔ wo tirim

Obi kura hundred and fifty thousand to show off

Of course, he can make you feel like you’re broke

But you own two houses, and a whole lot of investments

Trust me, ne sika no yɛ joke

You don’t need a huge amount of money to succeed

You can start with nothing, your passion is all you need

Me me whole life I never had a capital

I just flipped, me de me timing na sow seed

Wiase no nnyɛ real nowadays

We’re still slaves though we’re not in chains and the cave

But we still crave for the Gucci and try to replace true happiness with these silly things we dey praise

Akwasi broni bɛkɔ mall, ɔbɛtɔ jeans baako ɛne Lacoste bɛyɛ four

Obibini ne sika sua nso ɔbɛtɔ more

Cos wo repeatie pɛ yɛbɛsere wo, buy the whole store

ɔtumi kɔ bie cold store but no

Making people happy, but you not happy within

Nea nnipa bɛka nti daa na wo fakie to tee

ɔkyena party bi nti ɛwɔ sɛ wo hwe Louis Vuitton

Wow! You the hardest nigga in the scene

Live rich but you die poor

Wei yɛ sensitive, nti na me nkɔ no hardcore

And we gotta teach the kids

What you wear doesn’t matter, what you feed the brain is worth more


SKIT (H. E. Nana Akufo Addo)

I think there is a fundamental misstatement of the issue of in the question

We can no longer continue to make policy for ourselves

And our country

And our region

And our continent

On the basis of whatever support the Western world,

Or France

Or the European Union can give us

It will not work

It hasn’t worked, and it will not work

Our responsibility is to charter a path

Which is about how we can develop our nations ourselves

It is not right



Ebibiman, nea ɛtwe yɛn kɔ akyi pii no wo nya abotrɛ na wo dwen ho a ɛyɛ suban

Kwasi broni ɛbɛsi nnɛ odi y’anim kan

Nyansa korɔ yi a, nnyɛ sɛ ɔde atuo ne agyan

Yɛ a na daa yɛde soboɔ no bɔ aborɔfo no nso jack

Wo hwɛ mu yie a yɛn a na yɛ pushie ɔman no back

Yɛn su ne yɛ ban no nti dabiara na yɛbɔ obi attack

Nso nea yɛnim yɛ paa ne sɛ yɛkɔ mpaebɔ wɔ park

Yɛde Nyamesom no aba abɛ replacie akwadworɔ

ɔnkɔpɛ adwuma bi nnyɔ na ɔbɔ ne mma n’aborɔ

Asɛm no ka ɛden nso mɛka, yɛadwen no aporɔ

Defeater’s approach, Africaman yɛahaa mu mmɔborɔ

Yɛwɔ Sarfo Katanka wɔ Ghana nso yɛnfa ho

Adidi prɛko, obiara pɛ sika, yɛndwen yɛn mma ho

Nea ohia a ne sɛ w’anya beer baako asi ne mpa ho

Na w’atwe ho jot

ɔwie a w’akɔpɛ alomo bi akɔda ho

Laziness na bɛku abibifoɔ, yɛn mpɛ adwuma

Asɛm to yɛn so a yɛbɔ obi soboɔ

Tɔ dabi a me ne wo mmienu yɛfata sotrɔ

Koodaki, nea y’ani kyi ne ɔman no nkɔsoɔ

Mmabunu no yɛnfa nea yɛwɔ mfa mboa ɔman no

Sika a mo de tɔ internet

Mo ndawge saa suban no

Yɛnhwɛ Wɔfa Kwame Despite na ɔnkyerɛ yɛn kwan no

W’anbɔ bra a nka 37 foɔ bɛnya aborosan no

Mr Honourable, nti wo a wo checke budget a wo de baayɛ ne inflation of figures a wo dɔ wo man?

Yɛwɔ diamond, yɛwɔ gold, akutuo, cocoa

Ne nyinaa abu yɛn so

Obiara mpɛ sɛ ɔbɛbɔ ho ban

Nti yɛda so brɛ

Me nuanom a yɛbɛsi soɔ

Yɛnhwɛ baabi a ɔman no lacke na yɛn si so toɔ

We gotta work and make it happen

And this is why I’m rapping

Yɛanfa me amma sɛ me mbɛ di torɔ

I keep it real


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