The phenomenal Maadwoa has taken the lead to celebrate mothers across the world as Mother’s Day approaches by treating us to a very beautiful, colourful tune.

The sweet jazzy debut single titled ‘I Love You Mama’ seeks to celebrate and appreciate mothers in a very special way, on this very wonderful day set aside for mothers. This is what she had to say;

“Mama’s love is unconditional. It is bigger, stronger and stands the test of time. Mama always looks out for my best interest. Mama is the same everywhere and same to everyone. That’s why Mama needs to hear this song. My Mama, your Mama, Our Mama. I Love You Mama.”

Maadwoa has endeared to herself numerous fans through her stunning vocals and impeccable song writing abilities.

Published by Joseph 'Aqweci' Ofori

Joseph 'Aqweci' Ofori is the founder of SteezeHub, a Medical Laboratory Scientist, a writer and blogger. He is filled with immeasurable amount of passion for innovation and creativity. He loves music with his all. Connect with him via Twitter (

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