Mr Eazi Explains Why He Abandoned His $6,000/Month Job for Music


Nigeria artist, Mr Eazi has uncovered why he went into music.

In an interview with Beat Fm, the artist uncovered he needed to dump his occupation which paid him around six thousand dollars for each month so as to discover satisfaction in music.

As indicated by him, his family which abhorred him for leaving his employment however adore him now since his achievement after two initially appears in London.

“After I returned from Ghana, I landed a position in oil and gas in Port Harcourt that paid around six thousand dollars for every month except I quit in light of the fact that I was not discovering satisfaction in it. I mean it was a similar thing ordinary, the same routine over and over again.

“The choice to leave the place of employment at last hit me when my manager’s better half left him even with all the cash he had.

‘After I cleared out my employment, I got my Masters degree and with all that capability, I began selling phones and everybody thought something wasn’t right with me.

“Indeed, even my mom began petitioning for me in prayers yet my dad didn’t add that last voice that would decide my fate.

‘My break at long last came after I got a welcome to do two shows in London that made me twelve thousand pounds which I used to shoot two recordings. When I told my mom what I did with the cash, she quit conversing with me for around three weeks.

“I needed to move in with a companion on the grounds that even my relatives didn’t want me around however everything at long last changed when I backpedaled to London for shows that brought me better than average cash”.

The ‘Leg Over’ crooner conceded he is involved with Temi Otedola, daughter of extremely rich person, Femi Otedola.


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