Young Skona Ft. 2Fyngers – Carry (Remix)

The Young Skona-2 Fyngers chemistry is getting better. Collaborating on 2 songs already, Skona drops the remix of “Carry”. The original version enjoyed great feedback on social media… and the remix has potential of doing more. @youngskona goes in deeper with the flow on this one, and doesn’t go low on the bars! 2 Fyngers adds a humorous verse making this an assured jam. I must say this, the remix is a better jam!

Young Skona – Carry (Mixed by SlowMo)

Young Skona gets his Trap groove on as he jumps on the “Carry” instrumental to drop some humorous and interesting bars. Skona raps encoouraging guys to ‘con’ ladies, because they’re available with all positivity, for us. Slow Mo mixed the vocals with sonic beauty. Jam to “Carry below:


Young Skona – Book of Psalms (Prod. by Bruce Beat)

The young and always impressive rapper, Young Skona is here with a fresh and hard-knocking tune he calls “Book of Psalms”.
He delves into diverse issues, including money, desires, relationship with friends and music. I prefer to call this song a statement considering the diction and arrangement of the bars.
The book of psalms contains brave sentences, unique flow, punchlines, wordplay, and what have you. Skona does all this beautifully, riding on “Lord Knows” instrumental, remade by Bruce Beat, who also mixed the track.
GH Hip-Hop just got real with Young Skona!!

Young Skona – Anas (Prod. by King One Beatz™)

Energetic artist Young Skona, referring to himself as the rap Anas Amereyaw Anas (ace investigative journalist) addresses issues concerning our music industry. He bluntly preaches against the negativity surrounding the industry, involving DJs taking bribes from musicians in the form of “payola”, TV stations which don’t apportion enough time to air locally made music, and so on. He conversely raises a thumb for artists who’re pushing Ghana higher with their music. Skona flows along a Trap/Hip-Hop beat produced by King One.

Young Skona Ft. Badman Hero – Bibia Beye Fine (Prod. by King One Beatz)

Tema-based rapper, Young Skona gets on the mic once more to motivate the youth. He details how life on the streets ain’t easy on “Bibia Beye Fine.” The statement translates to English as “Everything will be okay/fine.” With assistance from Badman Hero, Skona drops 3 solid verses which encompasses everything — forgiveness, chasing dreams and motivation. Production was handled by ace producer King One Beatz. Enjoy!

During Tough Times…

As humans we go through tough times in life. This is when we think all hope is gone;
people we expect to provide or show some care or compassion toward us may turn
against us. The friends and family members we may turn to for uplifting messages may
not provide what we expect. This is when we might think that our whole world is

Situations like this happen and it is normal to expect some sort of physical or emotional
support from friends or family members. On the other hand, during such difficult times,
our characters are being tested. Our attitudes are shaped and we become stronger and
better during and after such difficult times. When such issues happen, it is easy to focus
on all the negative things or energies that surround such issues.

What we have to do is to look beneath these negative things and look at what that issue is trying to tell or teach us. We do not have to get angry or bitter when people fail to offer help but insult, and ridicule or judge us despite the pain we feel at that moment. We have to bear in mind that; every situation is temporal, we just have to be patient and learn and grow out of that situation.

Sometimes, these situations happen for us to know the real intentions of people who are
very close to us; what is hidden behind their smiles and compliments. Tough times reveal
who they truly are and what they will do when we’re at their mercies.
Again, such issues help us learn valuable lessons like tolerance, forgiveness, patience,
perseverance and others.

In all, issues we see as bad or negative come to teach us lessons in life; valuable lessons that we need to help shape our character or attitude, our thinking
and how well we should live our lives as a whole. Everything in life happens for our good
and as we face tough issues, we get to know what a meaningful life is all about. Mostly, in
those times, we are left alone to reflect and find the hidden things that need discovery.
We should see tough times as the time we are given to open our eyes wide, listen carefully
and close our mouths to get the full understanding of all that is happening around us.

We may not get the message or all the answers to the questions we ask ourselves, as fast as we want. But after sometime; when we give time, time, we will realise that; all the things we saw as tearing us apart or pushing us down or putting us in shame may uplift us; if only we are patient enough to go through the lessons and open our eyes and ears wide,
we will know those lessons.

Sometimes, such lessons gained from those times may help us find ourselves, appreciate
our lives more and even know the purpose of our lives. We may also discover things about
ourselves we did not know existed. All that we have to do is to be patient, watch closely
and listen very well. Everything happens for us.

Words by Adwoa Owusuaa

Strongman Starts the Year With “Charcoal”; an All-Rap Freestyle

Strongman commences the year with ‘Charcoal’ mixed by Tubhani Muzik.

Sounding more controversial, the rapper marks his territory on this tune sending out warning to rappers to stay in their lane and give him the due credit.

On Charcoal, a whole different side of Strongman is seen as He flows in English, twi and bit of the Fante Language. It is just few days into 2018 and the country’s favourite Wordsmith just spiked the rap game. He did this on J. Cole’s “A Tale of Two Citiez.”

Post-production credit to Denswag of Tubhani Muzik


E.L Has a Reason to be Mad at XXL Africa

E.L Has a Reason to be Mad at XXL Africa

On Friday, Jan 10, 2018, XXL Africa Magazine released a list of Favourite Hip-Hop Artists in Africa for 2017. And this is how the list goes:

  1. AKA
  2. Sarkodie
  3. Cassper Nyovest
  4. Phyno
  5. Nasty C
  6. M.I
  7. Kwesta
  8. Ice Prince
  9. Emtee
  10. M.anifest

XXL is a very popular American magazine, and as they spread their wings towards Africa, they decided to unveil this list via their Twitter account. The list actually went unnoticed in Ghana, before the country’s very own, Elom Adablah, popularly known as E.L reacted to a tweet quizzing people what they think about the awards.

From an insulting reply he gave to a Ghanaian music fan, everything indicated that E.L wasn’t happy about the list. The question is, does E.L really deserve to be in that list?

Let’s take a look at E.L’s musical journey, to answer the question well. The VO Nation signed artiste came into the limelight by slaying hooks for mainstream artistes, back in 2009. His breakthrough songs were “azonto” songs. Talk about “Obuu Mo Na” and “One Ghana.” Fast forward 2013, E.L put out a classic Hip-Hop mixtape titled BAR (Best African Rapper). He then followed with the mixtape-themed concert, the BAR Concert at the Alliance Francaise in Accra. Fan favourite, “American Passport” earned him the Best Rapper award at the 2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs).

The sophomore to the BAR sequel was widely accepted, as it breathed life into the Ghanaian Hip-Hop scene. And that was just a year later. He revealed in BAR II that he had to sell out on his first love Hip-Hop to be able to grab the attention of the masses by doing a lot of Afrobeats, but he really wanted to serve Hip-Hop to his fans. He held a better concert at a larger venue, World Trade Center, in Accra. The event brought together all Hip-Hop acts and fans to have a moment that had been lost for so many years in Ghana.

He didn’t sleep after that, releasing BAR III and IV in 2016 and 2017 respectively. The BAR mixtape series has become a tradition. Although the latter didn’t generate huge feedback from audiences, it doesn’t affect the fact that the music was actually good.

None can emphatically state that E.L is not a good rapper. Technically he may not be the best, but for someone with brilliant delivery, blessed with literary techniques, lyricism, and an ideal voice, what more can you ask for?

E.L hasn’t done much outside Ghana, not even in South Africa and Nigeria, but has done a lot in Ghana as far as Hip-Hop is concerned. He still creates lovely Afrobeats songs, despite claiming to be a Hip-Hop act, and that’s what critics have against him. But you can’t blame the “Koko” hitmaker. In an industry like Ghana’s, an artiste may have to compensate by having an alter ego of himself in a hitmaker character.

Hip-Hop is not accepted nationwide. To keep relevance in the game, he decides not to do solely Hip-Hop, and that’s E.L’s master plan. He wouldn’t have won 2016 VGMA Artiste of the Year if he didn’t have “Mi Naa Bo Po” and “Koko” (both Afrobeats songs) on heavy rotation, although he released the well accepted BAR II that same year.

2017 wasn’t such a good year for E.L as far as Hip-Hop is concerned, but so was the case for a number of the acts on the list, such as M.I, M.anifest, and Ice Prince. The Osu Mami president would have been a good fit for the Favourite Hip-Hop African Acts list. XXL Africa Magazine is clearly now gaining grounds in the continent. For a brand that released this list via their unverified Twitter account with less than 2,000 followers, I wonder why E.L is going haywire over it… and why am I even still typing this?

Words by Joseph Aqweci Ofori 

Video credits: Ameyaw Debrah, E.L (YouTube)

Be The Exception

When we pay a visit to our various work places, schools and places of worship and other
places where people are expected to put in much effort to achieve more; we find
out that, people do not work as hard as they are expected and these same people
are expected to be rewarded for their haphazard behaviour toward work.

People do things anyhow and anyway they want; when people report to school or work
early, their colleagues ask whether the school or job is for their parents.
Working extra hard makes it worse. Students are given all sorts of names and people fail
to associate with them because of their hard working nature. At various work
places, people report late in the morning and are first people to leave when time
is up. What we do not realize is that, there could be someone or people watching
and copying our actions without our knowledge.

People read us like books, watch us like televisions sets or listen to us like music on the radio. Our own siblings, children or anybody at all could be watching and copying our lifestyle. This does not mean we should pretend to be perfect and please people rather, we
should give everything we do our all, not our best, because giving your best is
trying; but giving your all is putting everything you have in what you are doing.

When we fail to learn as students, a question we should ask ourselves is “Would I
be happy if my children do the same thing to me when I toil and provide for their
needs so they wouldn’t worry?” Also, as adults when we fail to give our best at or
places of work we should ask ourselves “Would I be happy if this company was
mine, and my workers behave the way I do?”

We should not follow the masses but be unique in the things we do. People will call you
names and say all sorts of things about us when we go the extra mile because;
they know the only way they can beat us is to pull us down and we will only be
affected if we pay attention to what they say or do. In various competitions we do
not look at the person or the group that is failing rather, our attention is drawn
to the winner or winners because we know they are making the difference. That
is how it is when we go the extra mile and give our all when we do things we are
supposed to do.

Successful people are those who give everything and are committed to whatever they
do especially in schools and work places. They give it their all whether the job is
theirs or not. Such people are able to manage their private companies because
they end up hiring people who are also as hard working as they are. We should
be a yardstick at various institutions we find ourselves, to our colleagues and
everyone around us.

Words by Adwoa Owusuaa.

Love Foundation Club Carries Out Charity Outreach at Akpatoeme

In the true spirit of Christmas, as it should be, the hardworking youthful team members of Love Foundation Club (LFC) as the Wise men did in the nativity story of our Lord Jesus Christ left their families and friends and travelled all the way from their various towns and cities across the country to embark on a love outreach program. The team of young people under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, Marcus Anafu arrived at Denu in the Ketu South Municipal Assembly of the Volta Region on the festive afternoon of January 1, 2018.

The team on the second day of the New Year which was the Day 1 of their outreach program with the people of Akpatoeme went around the village from home to home sharing the glad tidings of the yuletide and the message of love of Christ. The team also used the opportunity to invite the people to the following day’s donation exercise.

At a durbar of people on the afternoon of the same day, the team was invited to make a speech as visiting friends. Mr. Edward Mifetu who spoke on behalf of the Founder and CEO and the whole club spoke to the people on the importance of kindness. He identified kindness to one another as a sure way of helping ourselves out of our poverty and our needs making a special reference to the Scripture text that says “there is blessing in giving than receiving”. In that spirit of joy brought to the people of Akpatoeme, the team joined the people and danced to the tunes of the traditional songs and dances performed by the people.

On January 3, which was the day of the donation exercise, the team with the help of some of her dedicated members who are good barbers barbered a large number of the people comprising both the young and old.

The CEO, Mr. Marcus Love Anafu while giving a speech promised the people of a comeback visit which will involve a medical outreach and additional donation of items. Food items and drinks were served and there was a blissful chair dancing competition heralded by the LFC team which got all the people present smiling. Some items which were donated are clothes for both the young and old, mosquito nets and mats (for the aged).

There was a great atmosphere of happiness as the children received the clothes. An observation made was that, most of the kids have only what they were wearing on them as at the time of the donation. Some were also seen almost naked or covered with torn dresses and this got some members of the club to go into their own bags to give out their dresses in addition to the ones shared.

An elder of the town, Mr. Christian Ahiabli following the promise of the CEO of the club pleaded the group to remember their promise of coming back. He also thanked the group for the kind gesture of charity shown to the community, stating that it was the first of its kind in the village.

Akpatoeme is a community of about four villages located near Dzodze-Penyi in the Ketu North District Assembly. The community of these four villages are mainly farmers who survive on cassava and maize cropping. Akpatoeme can only boast of electricity and a school which serves all the neighbouring villages. The community needs good drinking water, a clinic, toilets and other social amenities that will make life easier for them. A call was made to the government and other NGOs and the general public to come to their aid through Love Foundation Club.

By Akakpo Elikem Kwabla, Public Relations Officer, LFC