HB Sedem – NOV. 30! (Prod. by Ice Geezy)

HB Sedem is the head of the YB Click music group. He doubles up as a chemist.

November 30th is the birthday of the rapper, singer-songwriter who put his music career on hold after the release of his only EP ‘State of The Nation’ in 2013 Continue reading “HB Sedem – NOV. 30! (Prod. by Ice Geezy)”

Dhat Gyal Ft. Bisa K’dei – Any Man Na Man (Remix) (Prod. by Jerry Beatz Classic)

“Any Man Na Man” is a pure advice to young ladies to be grateful with their partners, regardless of their societal status. Continue reading “Dhat Gyal Ft. Bisa K’dei – Any Man Na Man (Remix) (Prod. by Jerry Beatz Classic)”

Strongman Unveils ‘STN EP’ Artwork & Release Date

Strongman officially announces December 5th as release date for his forthcoming body of work Still That Ni99a EP. It will drop just 2 days before the album signing which is happening in front of Pinkberry Continue reading “Strongman Unveils ‘STN EP’ Artwork & Release Date”

[Diabetes Pt.2] Is Diabetes Manageable?

Read part 1 of this article: Diabetes; Known or Unknown?

There are known groups of people who are at risk of developing Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 (DM2). To be in a risk group doesn’t necessarily mean that you will certainly develop diabetes but statistics have shown that such people stand a higher Continue reading “[Diabetes Pt.2] Is Diabetes Manageable?”

Akan X Kofi Jamar X Lino Breezy – Kwan Tenten (Prod. by Trino)

Three young men who do nothing but churn out good music only get into the booth to serve their listeners, and of course they come out with quality. Akan, Kofi Jamar and Lino Beezy Continue reading “Akan X Kofi Jamar X Lino Breezy – Kwan Tenten (Prod. by Trino)”

The Ghanaian Dream is Empty

In every country, there is a dream accepted by the whole nation. In the United States, they call it the American dream. In that part of the world, one standout reason why presidents are voted into power is to make sure this dream is achieved by a lot of the inhabitants. Continue reading “The Ghanaian Dream is Empty”

Sarkodie Lauds Y FM’s DJ Aroma

It is the job of a radio disc jockey to play songs of artistes, but it takes more than usual for a prominent artiste to take some time off to big up a DJ. In that essence, such a happening is news. In the evening of November 20, 2018, the BET and MTV award winner, and currently awarded NEA Best Male Artiste, Sarkodie Continue reading “Sarkodie Lauds Y FM’s DJ Aroma”