2Ligit Records Presents A.I’s “Headstrong EP”

Ghanaian Award winning  Artist, A.I., along with his label, 2ligit Records, released his debut 9-track EP titled “Headstrong” on Sep 15. Speaking about his latest release, A.I. described the music in the EP as “feel good music”, adding that it’s the type of music that will keep one going even when circumstances may be weighing you down.  Continue reading “2Ligit Records Presents A.I’s “Headstrong EP””

Listen to A.I’s “Medicating” & “Tiwaa”


This hip-hop record makes an allusion to “Greens, Grass, Loud, or 4/20”.
The song incorporates many references that gives credence to a mindset of staying true and quite defiant also as well as proving A.I.’s authenticity and uncompromising ethos in pursuing his own music style. Continue reading “Listen to A.I’s “Medicating” & “Tiwaa””