Can Wendy Shay Fit into Ebony’s Shoes?

Inarguably one of the most prominent and successful female artistes we’ve had in Ghana is the late Ebony. Hit after hit, she gave us bangers that we still party to, some with very positive messages, others to entice the secular music consumer. Continue reading “Can Wendy Shay Fit into Ebony’s Shoes?”

Video: Dhat Gyal Pays Tribute to Ebony

If you know Ebony or listen to her every well you’ll realize Ebony was one of her idols. She actually broke into the music scene with a cover of “Sponsor.” Just as her death came as a shock to all of us, Dhat Gyal didn’t take it lightly. In view of that she hit the studio to record this emotional and heartfelt tribute to the lost queen.

Tribute to Ebony

This is not a news report to tell you Ebony has kicked the bucket. I’m sure by now you’ve heard it and even seen pictures of her lifeless body. Upon hearing the news, I was so sad and couldn’t bring myself together to write a blog post. But when the adrenaline settles, writing is my only therapy.

To wake up on a Friday morning to this sad news is totally heartbreaking. She had really got to her peak, and was ready to take Africa by storm. It had been a very long while since we had a female artiste reign above the equals. Last time we saw it was Mzbel. Ebony was more promising. Amidst all her sexually-appealing performances, we loved her. You’re actually reading this article because you care about her.

All humans are bound to die but we didn’t know this is how Ebony would go — through a fatal accident on the popular Accra-Sunyani motorway, specifically at Mankranso as reports reach us. And oh! she didn’t die alone… a popular Twitter influencer I follow Franky Kuri has also passed away. She happened to be her good friend and personal assistant. Also, a soldier who happened to be her bodyguard with the name Atsu Vondee died in the collision.

I don’t want to hear any pastor use her death as an example to solidify their point of living a quiet life, and not rushing in life, and whatnots, though I’ll hear it. Some may even say she lost her life because of her sins. Romans 6:23 says that the wages of sin is death, but we can’t be so judgmental. If we all understood God’s ways then at least someone could prove to me why all these porn actresses are walking around with healthy lives.

For the first time we were going to have a solo secular female artiste win VGMA Artiste of the year. It saddens me she’ll not be present on that stage to take her own trophy, and enjoy the glorious moment. Oh somebody play me Methodist Hymnal 672 “Till We Meet.” Even though Ebony was a success at being the leader of “bad b*tches” and so-called “slay queens” she had a positive side to her. And I’m not even going to refer to her songs “Maame Hwɛ” and “Aseda.” If you look beyond the smoke of fame surrounding her, you could see a truly positive side of her.

No person deserves to die at such a young age! With her talent, no one could accurately foretell the future. She was just starting. Who knew what the future held? But for now, it’s just a lof of R.I.P’s and “May her soul rest in peace” statements. This thing called life… One day you’re the greatest, the next day you’re just a gathering of dust. We pray for all her relatives and very close friends. You feel the pain more than any of us! Your words would’ve been more emotionally felt if you wrote this article.

Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, damirifa due

May your soul rest in peace.

Till we meet…

Words by Joseph ‘Aqweci’ Ofori

Fancy Gadam May Challenge Ebony in 2018 VGMAs for Artiste of the Year

Although the VGMAs are not here, we’ve almost closed the year, and unless we have another Tonga-esque kind of song, nominations can be predicted from now. Undoubtedly, the most buzzing artiste this year has been Ebony. No other artiste has made Ghanaians dance and be  entertained more than the “90s Bard Gyal” – well maybe Shatta Wale, but his issues with the VGMA management haven’t been sorted out so we can rule him out.

The 90s bad gyal as she refers herself gave us “Poison”, “Sponsor”, “Date Ur Fada” and “Hustle” which are on the lips of everyone, both old and young. Even my 4-year old niece can sing along to all these 3 songs. She has been on the road each weekend entertaining fans with her sexually-appetizing performances. Her twerks, dance moves and stage craft leaves the mouths of young men with raging hormones open. Like the singles weren’t enough, she decided to end the year with a 14-track album, “Bonyfied” . As the time of writing this article, “Sponsor” had raked 2.4 million views on YouTube. The movement wasn’t that really seen, until she recently held her own concert for her album launch, filling up West Hills mall in Accra with thousands.

Fancy Gadam on the other hand is the leader of an empire. For an artiste who made his first news by filling up Tamale Sports Stadium (now named after the late Ex. Prez. Aliu Mahama), it’s not absurd to call him a king. I bet you they’d bring Beyonce and Drake to Tamale, and if the organizers don’t put Fancy on the bill they won’t be able to fill even one stand. That’s the authority Gadam carries. He took everyone (including me) by surprise when he took home the Best New Artiste award last year. Unlike most Artistes, he didn’t rest in joy, breaking boundaries nationwide  with the banger, “Total Cheat” featuring Sarkodie. He filled up Heroes Park in Kumasi, and then Bukom Boxing Arena with thousands, just to mention a few. Although I have personal reservations, I won’t be surprised if he grabs a spot as Artiste of the Year nominee in next year’s VGMAs.

Fancy Gadam Fills Up Bukom Boxing Arena (2017)

If that happens, Fancy will be a threat to Ebony. Why? Because the former has core die-hard stans. I’m talking about an artiste who has almost three regions (out of 10) behind him. He also has fans among all the other regions. Although the board may score for Ebony, let’s not forget that the public has a huge 40% to choose who wins. It’s still a wonder to me how come always every artiste who wins majority in the public votes turns out to be the winner. This year, Fancy kicked Medikal with a wide gap of votes. That was a period when no one outside the Northern, Upper Eastern and Western Regions knew him. Now that he has gained firm grounds nationwide, we expect the voting percentage to triple. The home support for him is so massive that they don’t care about organizing meetings to see him secure the 40% lead which may easily propel him to win the enviable award.

Ebony rose to fame with headlines like “I like to let my boobs hang freely.” Her follow-up songs after “Kupe” had a bend to the Twi language which almost sounds profane till you listen to it twice. Recently, she has been criticized a lot for exposing herself too much with regards to her seductive outfits. Ebony is that type of artiste who may fall off and her name may be easily forgotten like Mzbel because she lacks a large number of core fans. Her male sympathizers are just sexually enticed by her, and her female fans are likely to talk against her and drop her if she goes wrong or doesn’t keep up.

All these and more make Fancy Gadam a huge threat to Ebony. Numbers don’t lie, and so does Joseph Aqweci Ofori.

Words by Joseph Aqweci Ofori. 

Ebony Drops Potential Christmas Banger “Hustle” Featuring Brella

Since Ebony’s publicity team announced that she has 2 bangers coming up which are potential Christmas hits, ears have been on the ground to hear what the 90s bad girl has for us. The “Sponsor” hitmaker doesn’t disappoint as she gives us “Hustle” which features musician, Brella. Ebony sings about grinding to make both ends meet. It’s a struggle in the streets, so it’s only for Ebony to serve us with motivation. The most interesting part of the song is where she plays on words [again], saying “Mo ndi me oooh, mo ndi me dwa.” Listening to that statement alone may make you draw a conclusion that she’s being profane. But it’s actually Ebony pleading with customers/consumers to buy her items, since she puts up the personality of a trader in the song. the fast tempo Afropop song was produced by Danny Beatz. This is a potential hit!