Ol’ Lady Sports Bar & Lounge; The Definition of Entertainment in Kumasi

Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana is an accommodative and business-centered city which has a colourful and natural ambience. Continue reading “Ol’ Lady Sports Bar & Lounge; The Definition of Entertainment in Kumasi”

DBKyei Events to Host Bloggers Summit in Kumasi

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In the past, media and journalism consisted of solely print media and radio and TV broadcast. However, a lot of things changed when internet came into existence. Today, websites/blogs have become the first point of getting information. Continue reading “DBKyei Events to Host Bloggers Summit in Kumasi”

Koo Sebor, the New Pride of Oseikrom

I had my 4 years university education in Accra. Barely did I have time to listen to the radio, but as the addiction goes on, I was stuck on Twitter. It was at the same time I was building Steeze Hub’s social media, hence I’d stalk Y FM’s Twitter. I kept on seeing “Show prod. by @KooSebor.” The name sounded funny to me, and I wanted to meet the character behind this interesting name. Fast forward, post-school times in Kumasi, when cooling off at the iconic BKC studio at Bantama, one guy came through with spectacles, a protruding belly and afro hair covered with a snapback. He’d later be introduced to me as Koo Sebor.

Inasmuch as I had imagined a different character before meeting him, I had to accept the new Koo Sebor I my mental imagery faculty. Forcing friendships isn’t my thing, and since most radio personalities are arrogant, I had to keep the convo as natural as possible. Surprisingly, this guy was down to earth, before I realized, we had exchanged numbers and were close friends.

At the time, he was the producer and co-host of “Dryve of Ur Lyf” radio show on Y102.5 FM, Kumasi. He also hosted “Roots N Revival”, a Reggae/Dancehall show. In 2018, he commenced with “Lift Off”, a 3-hour programme filled with the best of entertainment and showbiz education. Segments in the show involve Come-Up of the Week (in which he interviews an upcoming musician with an appreciable hustle), Moment of Fame (in which he has a live studio session with mostly Kumasi-based creatives), and The Score (a discussion segment with unfiltered edutainment). DJ Bongo spins good music which doesn’t mostly get airplay throughout the 3 hours

Immediately, he put me on The Score as a regular pundit. Thence, he has featured loads of rappers, singers, producers, artists, and so on. The standout factor is, he does it willingly and charges not even a penny. Currently, if not the only one, he stands as one of the few of such a dying breed in Kumasi, who puts on for showbiz cats in Kumasi.

I’m old enough to know that the one who wholeheartedly helps people gains blessings and progress. With that being said, Koo Sebor shall be here for a long time!

Meet Eben: The Gentleman Making an Industry Out of Cocktails

The crave for special cocktails at parties and special events has risen lately and one young Ghanaian entrepreneur making an industry out of this opportunity is Ebenezer Tetteh, a professionally trained bartender and mixologist. Eben is the Founder of Ghanaian owned beverage mixology start up TAACOAM which infuses local Ghanaian and African spices into carefully crafted cocktails.

Training Session for Bartending & Mixology
Eben Presenting Certificate to Student

With Several years of experience in the hospitality industry Eben brings to play top notch professionalism and creativity in bartending and mixology. TAACOAM is still in its infant stage and barely a year old and has gaining several recognition from prestigious groups both home and abroad.

Get to know more about TAACOAM by logging on to www.taacoam.com

Flowking Stone Puts Up Stunning Performance at Y FM Kumasi’s Ankaase Lakeside Easter Jam

Easter in the Garden City is a great deal, but it’s being quite a while since a major event at an unusual location such as a lakeside happened. Of course, Kumasi can’t have such a historical event without their “king of rap.” Billed to perform as one of the main acts for the programme, prior to Flowking Stone’s performance he was given a warm welcome by his die-hard fans, amidst cheers.


Re-echoing his stance as the King of rap music in Kumasi and one of Ghana’s biggest musicians, he thrilled a mammoth crowd with back to back hits including Opana, Me Kyeakyea, Fire Bon Dem, Go Low, just to mention a few. In fact, he had the audience singing and rapping along hits from way back; from One Gallon, Simple… you name it. Performing to a very hyper and responsive audience he just couldn’t help than to out a great show. Also billed to perform at the event were Yaa Pono, Lil Win and Eno Barony.

Music, to the Average Kumasi Musician; A Perspective by Kwame Boss

Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time. The common elements of music are pitch (which governs melody & harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics (loudness and softness), and the sonic qualities of which are sometimes termed the “color” of a musical sound.

To the average Kumasi artiste, this may sound too complex or probably, just another grammarian trying to give huge names to simple things. But trust me, this is the same everywhere. Before I talk about the topic in discussion, let me take a paragraph to tell you small about my experience that pushed me to write this post.

I, as many people in Kumasi has known me to be, has been a media personality for over twelve years and still on it. I have been so inquisitive and have been trying to fix the “Kumasi Music” industry, which most think doesn’t exist, but trust me, there is.

My experimentations led me into organizing a campaign “Kumasi Must Rise” which met quite an audience, but due to the “African PHD” power, I had to put a pause to watch it go down the drain. And to this, I say Kumasi can rise but the people.

It takes more than just the writing, recording and distributing of the music we do. If I may be certain at this, as far as I am aware, there are three stages to make music worthy or “successful”. I paraphrased the word successful, because, today, success doesn’t have one meaning. Success is defined by the person expecting it. This is one reason why most people do not see how powerful their products/music could be. These are just a few of my evaluation as an artist manager in Kumasi, met and has given me a broaden knowledge on how the average Kumasi musician sees music.

  • Most of my Kumasi people in this music game thinks this music thing is a family possession. They think since they do their music, if you are his or her family member, or whatsoever to him/her, you should be a fan of his music. They assume that if you know him personally, you owe him or her that automatic fan loyalty. This is a big NO. Music is a religion. Give me a reason to keep on following what you preach and I will find you other fishers of men. Nobody owes anyone in this music industry. If there is one thing I have learnt walking with successful artists who are not Kumasi-based, it is their sense of knowing music is more of a religion.


  • My Kumasi brothers think it’s either you get endorsed by a more successful musician that makes you relevant. They mostly think putting a prominent musician on a song would fetch you that fan base loyalty. This idea tickles me anytime I talk about it.


  • My Kumasi musicians are all about rap and punchlines. This has always been our doom. Even Kumasi singers want to “punch” in a love song; a love song is to make the listeners remember their love life (either in a good way or a bad way). This punchlines thing has made most of our songs lose that element that could fetch us better attention of investors. And I can say boldly that, most of my Kumasi people know less of what goes into a proper song arrangements.


  • Every Kumasi musician wants to be the leader or king or queen of what they are doing. My Kumasi musicians lack the sense of business in this music industry. They think this music thing is a social media, where everyone can be your friend. They see it to be more of a fun relieve than a business. So, an artist can boldly tell you that, he sings what he feels and that is what he/she wants to do. My dear, you cannot go to the law court and tell the house that you are a lawyer, and you feel an accused is guilty or not. You would have to study the case, know what the people want to hear from you and present it well. That is music.


  • Until you plan on how to record, release and promote your music, you are just an apprentice trying to outsmart his/her master. My Kumasi people do not even know how and where to promote their music. Most of them think putting the songs on their social media timelines would magically make the song a success. It takes more than that my dear brothers and sisters.


  • My last and most important point is that, my Kumasi musicians think that, in the other cities, like Accra, everyone is together helping each other. My brother, my sister, this is a fallacy. It is never done anywhere on this earth. Not even outside Ghana. You can never unite every musician in the expense of meeting a successful music industry. It has always been “each man for himself” from the day Adam ate the forbidden fruit. Wise up and work harder for what you want. Don’t expect anyone to do your hard work for you; build from the ground.

I would put a pause here and come back with another article or better, a video of myself talk about this on a radio or television’s entertainment show. You may hit my DM or contact me on any of my social media pages (@DzeBossOnEm or Dze Boss Tunez) if you need assistance or more breakdown of my posts. Don’t forget that, music is business, religion and entertainment at the same time. Know what you want as a musician and do what it takes to have it.

Photos: Strongman, Okyeame Kwame, Guru & More Excite Fans At Flowking Stone’s “Oseikrom Shutdown” Concert

Photos: Strongman, Okyeame Kwame, Guru & More Excite Fans At Flowking Stone’s “Oseikrom Shutdown” Concert

On the night of Saturday, Dec 23, 2017, a significant percentage of the youth of Oseikrom were at the Kumasi City Mall to witness Flowking Stone’s Oseikrom Shutdown concert. The venue was so full that people were seen all around Asokwa like it was daytime. A great deal of performers were present, from the uprising acts; Amerado, BKC boys, Steez Realm acts, Nana B, Braa Benk, Ratty, just to mention a few. Guru, Okyeame Kwame, Teephlow, Strongman, Cabum, Epixode, and a lot more were also present to make the programme lively. Check out photos from the event below:

Photo credit: @swagofafricanews @twinsdntbeg

DJ Slim Invades Kumasi With the Concert of the Year

DJ Slim also referred to as the Supreme Bigger Figure in association with Bie Gya bitters are set to give Kumasi an unforgettable treat with a concert dubbed “DJ Slim Invasion.” It’s December, and as expected there’s a line-up of activities to amuse the public. Award-winning disc jockey and presenter of Dryve Tyme on Y102.5 FM, Kumasi, DJ Slim brings A-list musicians all over Ghana to Kumasi. The concert which is assured of giving the people total enjoyment will be held at Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi on Friday, 15th December, 2017, starting at 6 p.m.

Currently there are more than 50 artistes billed to perform, with the headline artistes being Yaa Pono & The Uptown Energy Family, Flowking Stone, Cabum, King Promise, Ko-Jo Cue, Lil Shaker, Eno, Joey B, Strongman, Bra Benk, NT4, Willie Maame, Koo Ntakra, Opanka, Ayesem, among others. The night will never be a bore looking at the list of DJs to keep you up on your feet throughout the night. Mark this date on your calendar, and make it a point to be part of this historical moment. And guess what? The event is absolutely FREE. What more could you ask for? For more updates on DJ Slim Invasion, follow our social media timelines, and check out the hashtag #DJSlimInvasion17

Steeze Hub Presents “December Steeze”, A Competition to Promote Kumasi-Based Artistes

December is here, and Steeze Hub has a lot of goodies for both musicians and our audience. December Steeze happens to be one of them. The initiative is aimed at promoting artistes based in Kumasi. Kumasi, because the founder of Steeze Hub, Joseph Aqweci Ofori hails from Kumasi and currently resides there. Hence his decision to start with his own city. However, subsequent similar initiatives will be targeted across Ghana.

As at now, 4 songs have been selected to enter into a competition of gaining views. From 14th December to 28th December, the song with the highest number of views/hits/clicks becomes the winner which will be announced on 29th December, 2017.

The winner earns a one-week free social media promo, including the pacakges, WhatsApp link sharing (to about 100 groups), Facebook and Instagram sponsored boost for a week, Twitter publicity, sharing of the link each day on the various platforms, and many more.

Support your favourite artiste by opening the link attached. May the best person win.
1. Sika Pelli – True Love (Prod. by Apya) >> VOTE
2. Cwesi – Why (Prod. by Apya) >> VOTE
3. J-OE Levelz – Unorthodox (Prod. by Robot Orchestra) >> VOTE
4. Frederick Marioking – Wogyegye Me (Ft. Ray Joe & Po Mulla) (Prod. by Ray Joe) >> VOTE