Creating The Wedding Budget

For the average person, the only time one hears the word ‘budget’ is in the news when the government is about to air its annual national budget. In their eyes, it’s a big deal when they have to make their own budgets, considering the complexity figures and percentages may present. Maintain your pulse, and throw away the analgesics, Top Weddings Africa is here to break every piece down to enable you be the ‘Financial Minister of Bridal Affairs’.

Budget is simply an estimate of income and expenditure for your dream wedding. Before putting pen on paper, or inputting a key into your Excel canvas, have an idea about the class and type of wedding you want to have. Coming from the garden city of Ghana, I prefer lavish ceremonies, others like to keep it simple. Would you want to have a huge traditional wedding, or a small set-up? Do you want to keep it indoor, on a healthy-looking garden, or in a state of the art conference building? This informs how many people you invite. It depends on your preference and what you can afford.

After you’ve been able to decide, see this as a monetary affair. So who’s suiting the bill? Your fiancé/fiancée? Your parents, or in-laws? Communication holds the magic wand here. Talking to everyone involved to buy into your vision of your dream wedding is key. Do a simple calculation on how much each is contributing to see the way forward.

The cheat code to making your budget is knowing what you need. A basic breakdown of it involves reception, photography, videography, décor and design, venue, food, attire, music and entertainment, MC, floral arrangement, attire, stationery, wedding rings, the ceremony, transportation, gifts and miscellaneous.

Research isn’t only what you do during the completing stages of grabbing your degree, but finding the best deals in making your budget. Doing a quick check online on your needs will give you a fair idea on the arithmetic mean of it all. Probe from experienced people and friends. Set limits for your maximum expenditure on all necessities mentioned above. Know your priorities… which sections you can cut down cost, and others you can splurge on and do the Birdman hand rub.

The key is efficiency. Some valuables are costly but not nice, others are comparatively affordable but still classy and quality. Planning your budget is fluidity. Don’t stick to the books you wrote yourself. Be open to ideas from professionals. Have fun with it, and don’t forget you’re doing it all for the love of your partner.

The Ideal Wedding: The Preparation

Born in the 90s, weddings I saw during my childhood are quite different from what we see these days. Weddings of today seem to be a great task, and if you’re caught up in the heat of the moment, you may be a habitual procrastinator. I mean, living under the clouds of social media, one would have to create a hashtag, and even provide phone-charging stations at your wedding… and that’s the least of your headaches. But hey, wear a big smile. Top Weddings Africa has got you!

What would we define as the ideal wedding?  A wedding which is well planned and executed to meet your classical desire. As others fancy huge flowers, expensive gowns and drone photography, some people prefer keeping it simple. The choice is yours. The point is to make it enjoyable, and serve memories.

The youth have started catching a new craze; investing a lot into wedding photoshoot. Everyone wants to outdo the gallery he/she glimpsed recently, reason why Aero Shutter always has weekend duties. The average active young man or woman is currently attracted to what he/she sees or watches more than what he/she reads as a text message, poster or invitation card. They’d probably want to be mesmerized by how you twin outfits with your partner, the relief features in the background, or how ‘hippy’ the next couple is. Hence, pre-wedding photoshoot has become a necessity.

It comes with selecting the right clothing, choosing the best sights, hooking with the finest make-up artist, employing an expert photographer to visualize the best of you through his lens, and probably putting up your best of moods.

Not to do away with the traditional invitation cards, which has become a battle of innovation and creativity now. I clearly recall the first time I got mind blown about such cards was when it had the design of the WhatsApp theme. It was so accurate! Music fans can’t wait to click the Play button on a new Kanye West video because he always has something new to feed the hungry eyes. That gives a clue that no one would want to see your usual form of invitation card. Spice it up with a creative theme which will still contain all the necessary details.

The most asked question when weddings are being discussed these days is “Which colours did the couple choose?” Colours represent a lot in our world. The Catholic liturgy indicates that violet represents penance, humility and melancholy, whilst green signifies hope and life eternal. You don’t have to choose a colour because it’s the new wave. There should be reason attached. It should reflect what you as the couple represent, the theme, and fit into the time of the year, etc.

Preparations would have to go into planning and budgeting for one of the most memorable days in your life. A lot! Hold on to this for now as we unravel another chapter of greatness in weddings in our next article.

Making Eyes Gaze With A Top Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

The great philosopher Confucius once said “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember…” Our brains have cravings for bright pictures and creative images. All social media apps wouldn’t be relevant without the addition of images option. People would want to see more than they read. Friends sometimes say the real truth to me that they barely read my articles, but would watch my IG posts or WhatsApp status images.

Images are everything in this our world today. It’s not a wonder that people have bought into the idea of pre-wedding photoshoot. Instagram (IG) is the new wedding announcer. It’s easier to carry a message through pictures than employing a P.A system. As the saying goes, “pictures speak a thousand words.” Pre-wedding photoshoot has become a method of announcing your wedding, and previewing information like date of the wedding, logo, etc. These days ignoring a pre-wedding photoshoot is like the local government starting a demolition exercise without prior warning.

P re-wedding photoshoot basically has to do with finding the right photographer and developing a befitting theme, concept and location for it.

Sometimes people complain and wonder why photographers charge a lot without considering that it takes real creativity to capture captivating moments with a matching concept. As the couple you have to know what you prefer. You have to tell a story with your photoshoot. Do you want to narrate your story in the setting of a telenovela or as a creation story of Adam and Eve? It all depends on what you want. Creatives like me always want to be mind blown with refreshing artistic content. It’s always good take up what Napoleon couldn’t do. You can decide to go traditional, old school, cowboy, romantic or beachy with your photoshoot. Viewers are just daring for something that would keep their jaws dropping. So flex your creative muscles, and keep it as hip as possible.

Coming up with this post, a friend told me if he’ll ever do a pre-wedding photoshoot, it’ll be at where he met the love of his life. So what about you? Where do you want to have yours?

Not closing up on the range of ingenuity the photoshoot is better done at a serene atmosphere, which captures the intimacy and enjoyment the couple share. It can be by the roadside, on the mountains, in the valleys, forest areas, studio, or even in the room.

I’ve seen a glut of pre-wedding photos… I’d want to see yours soon. I’d want to have may pupils dilate and goosebumps spread all over me. And I know you’d love to give the world a top pre-wedding photo album.