Most youth have the school of thought that pornography tends to be a source of sexual excitement for them. From the looks of it, they may have a point but then do they get to know the scenes behind the mindset of porn? Once they get satisfied with the amusement they need, they begin to forget all the misfortunes they bring to themselves in the course of their lifetime — talk about marriage, education etc.

Well then, there is the need for someone to bring to their notice that this form of practice tends to do them more harm than good.

I have therefore taken this opportunity to enlist the problems accompanied to this form of habit most of us enjoy in our everyday life.

Starting with the idea that excessive consumption of pornography causes erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a state where the genitals tends not to erect even with naked sexy lady in front of a man. Inasmuch as I don’t want to bore you with the science of all this, bear in mind that there’s proven to be porn-induced erectile dysfunction. They tend not to have any pleasure in any sexual activity with women and this I know does not bring healthy relationship between a man and his woman of choice eventually leading to lots of havoc in their relationship. What’s worse? The man loses the natural ability to procreate.

Furthermore, the watching of pornography often affects the emotion of viewers. Viewers of pornography mostly do their act in isolation, and this leads to a more familiar bond with this artificial or virtual world they create within their minds than the real world. Such people are hard to please even if they’re with the right relationship partner.

Lastly, probably the greatest effect that pornography has over the lives of its viewers is that it triggers the addiction cycle in the brain of its viewers. Studies show that real brain functions change in someone who has an addiction. Since watching porn becomes a real life addiction, viewers are mostly not able to quit with their own power. Pornography addicts will have to go through the series of difficult recovery process a drug addict has to go through.

If viewers of pornography actually know these side effects of porn, they would have been done watching it. It is therefore our responsibility that we alert them on the antagonistic mindset of pornography. Thank you.

Published by Joseph 'Aqweci' Ofori

Joseph 'Aqweci' Ofori is the founder of SteezeHub, a Medical Laboratory Scientist, a writer and blogger. He is filled with immeasurable amount of passion for innovation and creativity. He loves music with his all. Connect with him via Twitter (

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