Wofa Yaw Ft. Eddy Melody – Ohemaa (Prod. by TubhaniMuzik)

PIC BY CHEAH NAN ZHING / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED The face in the stars) It looks like theres a starman waiting in the sky in this amazing cosmos formation seemingly inspired by pop legend David Bowie. Just like the androgynous singers famous lyrics this formation above the majestic mountains of Nepal seems to show a person in the stars. The stunning image was caught on camera by amateur photographer Cheah Nan Zhing on a school trip to the Asia country. But Cheah - who admits he is a fan of Bowie - couldnt believe his eyes when he saw what looked like a face staring down at him. The 16-year-old - who was using a Canon 60D - had been taking a nightime walk as hed never seen such clear skies. Cheah, from Penang, Malaysia, said he was very pleased with his picture and thought it was funny to have a David Bowie song in real life. ** NOT FOR SALE IN RUSSIA OR POLAND **

After resurfacing after his long break, Wofa Yaw drops his sophomore single which features Eddy Melody. Wofa Yaw composes a beautiful song on love, telling his bae all the great things about her that’s driving him crazy, dropping some puns to solidify his verses as dope. Melody’s vocal is melodic. The beautiful piece was produced by TubhaniMuzik. Download, enjoy and share…



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