Adwoa Owusuaa Delves Into the Topic of “Responsibility”

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One of the things we think is easy to do in life is not taking responsibility for things we
do and things we fail to do. It feels quite easy to blame people and the things around us
for our unhappiness and pain in our daily lives. We sit around and wait for something to
go wrong so we can look for someone or something to push and put the blame on.
When a student scores A in a test he or she will say: “I got an A” on the other hand, if the
same student scores a D in a test he or she will say: “the teacher gave me a D”. Or we say
the teacher did this or that and we had this issue or that issue; that is why we didn’t
perform well.

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This also happens in various work places and places of worship as well.
People are not happy about their jobs because of their co-workers and people do not
visit various places of worship because of other members. They easily point out that
other people are the cause. Taking responsibility for every aspect of your life is your
duty no one will or can do for you. That is why there are people who are lonely all the
time no matter where they find themselves because they think their happiness is
determined by people or circumstances. To be a happy or unhappy individual is your

To be happy human beings, we have to take responsibility socially; by
doing what is right and acceptable, financially; by being in control of our expenditure,
health wise; by taking care of our physical bodies and mental health as well and most
importantly, spiritually by taking into consideration our souls and minds which are the
most essential aspects of our being.

People fail to take responsibility when they know that something has gone wrong or is
going wrong or will go wrong. It is very important to be responsible because, it an
essential part of maturity and a very good sign of self-confidence. Taking responsibility
for our actions first starts in our minds, the fact that; we know we are responsible for
our lives and all the things surrounding us make us gain control over our lives, other
than thinking people or circumstances control us. Also, we will have positive attitudes
towards situations or challenges and issues as I call them rather than “problems”
because; calling problems issues, situations or challenges take away all the negative
charges surrounding issues and make you know that, you can do something about them.
When we take responsibility, we know that issues or challenges are there to teach us
something and make us stronger other than destroy or ruin us.

On the other hand, if we push blame and avoid taking responsibility deep down, we feel
and know we are not in control of our lives therefore people and circumstances
determine the success and failure of our lives and our happiness as well. Responsibility
is one essential aspect of success and if I say success am not only talking about financial
stability but peace of mind that is; freedom from fear, anger and guilt. High levels of
health and energy, loving relationships, worthy goals and ideals, feeling of selffulfilment
and financial freedom as Brian Tracy puts success under these six(6)
categories in his audio program The Psychology of Achievement. Life will become less
stressful if we take responsibility for our actions.

Written by Adwoa Owusuaa

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