Artiste Ybees Onna Officially Rebrands to KAE YAW

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Kumasi is a city that has brought up many great talents. Among these great people happens to be Ybees Onna. The emcee has been sharing his wonderful craft with the public space for a long time. In the lives of musical brands, just as companies do, it becomes necessary to rebrand yourself.

With that being said, Ybees Onna has rebranded to Kae Yaw. The extraordinary rapper and songwriter disclosed that ‘Kae Yaw’ as his new brand will propel him to have a firm stand in the industry, and completely distinguish him from other musicians, since the name Ybee is quite common.

He also reveals that he wants the new brand, Kae Yaw to be synonymous with intelligence in bars, and an expert in the commentary of social-related issues. Hence, the public space will come to know Kae Yaw as the voice of the voiceless.

With his rap prowess, impeccable delivery, and exceptional lyricism blended with humour, the “Priceless Swag” hitmaker won Freestyle Friday rap competition with DJ X-Ray on Focus FM in 2007. He has also participated in reality and talent shows including The Next Big Thing in GH Hip-Hop, just to mention a few.

Inasmuch as Kae Yaw is versatile, and can easily create music in various genres, he chooses Hiplife to be his main genre. The date noted officially for this rebrand happens to be September 17, 2018. Kae Yaw is preparing to release his next song and he promises to reveal detail to fans soon.

Kae Yaw is the same old Ybees, with a brighter focus and better skill. Watch out for greatness!

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