Association is Everything

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I first read the title of this article from a Ko-Jo Cue album note in his ‘Before We Shine 2’ mixtape. From Ko-Jo’s own words,

“Remember when your mom told you not to play with rich kids because you are poor and can’t afford to replace their property in case you accidentally broke them? She was WRONG. Association is very, very, VERY important. You can never be great if you don’t associate with greatness. How else will you learn to behave like a king if you don’t associate with kings?”

I’m not surprised he’s enjoying the success he has now – being a household name in music, inspiring lives through his music, and yes, touring with Grammy-winning artiste, Lauryn Hill.

Take a close look at our society. The most successful people are the sons and daughters of rich kids. The middle and lower classes are left to struggle on their own. A few percentage is able to rise above the status quo and go toe-to-toe with the privileged top class. What do the so-called rich kids have? Nothing special, their parents made the right moves and associated with the right people.

Fuse ODG made the picture I’m trying to paint clear by saying “When someone is in a locked room, you can’t get access into it, till that person opens you from the inside.” The world has been set up in a way that a lot of major spaces have already been occupied. Definitely, death will whisk those people away. But they always get replaced by someone who was standing in front of the door, not one who hasn’t even located the room yet. Hence, you have to make your way to the forefront.

Associating with successful people is a necessity if you also want to ride the wave the success. It involves a lot to reach such heights. Successful people share their knowledge, experience and advice to that effect. They give you footprints to follow.

Once you’re well connected you have a lot of things easy. What people would spend time to attain would be just a phone call away. Associate with greatness.

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