Be The Exception

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When we pay a visit to our various work places, schools and places of worship and other
places where people are expected to put in much effort to achieve more; we find
out that, people do not work as hard as they are expected and these same people
are expected to be rewarded for their haphazard behaviour toward work.

People do things anyhow and anyway they want; when people report to school or work
early, their colleagues ask whether the school or job is for their parents.
Working extra hard makes it worse. Students are given all sorts of names and people fail
to associate with them because of their hard working nature. At various work
places, people report late in the morning and are first people to leave when time
is up. What we do not realize is that, there could be someone or people watching
and copying our actions without our knowledge.

People read us like books, watch us like televisions sets or listen to us like music on the radio. Our own siblings, children or anybody at all could be watching and copying our lifestyle. This does not mean we should pretend to be perfect and please people rather, we
should give everything we do our all, not our best, because giving your best is
trying; but giving your all is putting everything you have in what you are doing.

When we fail to learn as students, a question we should ask ourselves is “Would I
be happy if my children do the same thing to me when I toil and provide for their
needs so they wouldn’t worry?” Also, as adults when we fail to give our best at or
places of work we should ask ourselves “Would I be happy if this company was
mine, and my workers behave the way I do?”

We should not follow the masses but be unique in the things we do. People will call you
names and say all sorts of things about us when we go the extra mile because;
they know the only way they can beat us is to pull us down and we will only be
affected if we pay attention to what they say or do. In various competitions we do
not look at the person or the group that is failing rather, our attention is drawn
to the winner or winners because we know they are making the difference. That
is how it is when we go the extra mile and give our all when we do things we are
supposed to do.

Successful people are those who give everything and are committed to whatever they
do especially in schools and work places. They give it their all whether the job is
theirs or not. Such people are able to manage their private companies because
they end up hiring people who are also as hard working as they are. We should
be a yardstick at various institutions we find ourselves, to our colleagues and
everyone around us.

Words by Adwoa Owusuaa.

2 thoughts on “Be The Exception

  1. Nice peace Adwoa. The sad news is you’re neither the first nor last to write about those negative behaviors destroying our own selves. People are just not ready to change but they forget that whatever a man sows the same shall he reaps. Hey, I choose to be exceptional!

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