Can Wendy Shay Fit into Ebony’s Shoes?

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Inarguably one of the most prominent and successful female artistes we’ve had in Ghana is the late Ebony. Hit after hit, she gave us bangers that we still party to, some with very positive messages, others to entice the secular music consumer.

It came as a surprise when the album credits for her only body of work “Bonyfied” were revealed, and Bullet, founder of Rufftown Records (Ebony’s management) was the songwriter behind almost all the songs. That made the statement “I made Ebony”, made by Bullet kind of legit.

At the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards show, he introduced his new signees. Eyes were gazing, as he introduced two beautiful and voluptuous ladies, namely Wendy Shay and Mz Forson. Honestly, I thought Bullet would push the latter into the limelight first, only for “Uber Driver” by Wendy Shay to be released.

I didn’t need to think for more than a minute to realize Bullet wrote the song for Shay. It actually sounded like bread crumbs from an Ebony playlist. Then she started taking relevant pictures with sexually-appealing poses, making statements concerning sexual allegations, and before I could blink an eye, “Uber Driver”, her first official single had crossed a million views on YouTube.

Wendy Shay is clearly following the footsteps of the late Ebony, but can she fit into the “Hustle” hitmaker’s shoes? Ebony wasn’t living a lie. She was carefree and actually cared less about what people said about her stage craft, and method of staying relevant. The more people rained insults and negative comments on her, the more she silenced such people with hit songs.

Surely, Wendy Shay is different. Is she that emotionally strong to withstand all the lambaste that comes with it? Does she have an unreleased catalog of bangers stacked up in her shelf? Will she be loved by Ghanaians that much?

Maybe I’m just speculating what doesn’t exist, and she might have a different plan altogether which will be made manifest along her musical journey. Maybe she has her own target audience, and doesn’t even plan on being the next Ebony. Maybe I’m reaching, but what I know for a fact is there shall be only one Ebony. Human beings are created differently. We all have special abilities and traits that we only possess. Hence I can emphatically state that no one, not even Wendy Shay will be the next Ebony. That theory doesn’t exist!

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