Chief Kellz Drops Highly Anticipated Mixtape “Trap Nights In Kentinkrono”

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Trap Nights In Kentinkrono is an 18-track mixtape with features from Icebox, Yung Nana, G-West, TRPLRD and Bomba, all upcoming acts.
This is a soundtrack to a life on campus with topics from lost relationships, crime, sex and drug addiction amongst campus girls, a very unusual style of writing but that is Chief Kellz’ reality. Productions on the tape were handled by Apya, Yung Nana, Raven Montana, Bomba, Liquid Beatz and Perry Mingle.
This  is more than your usual mixtape with genres ranging from Trap, Hip-Hop, Hiplife and Afrobeat sounds. Icebox comes with the infectious Breman-inspired  rhymes, as G-West gave us the vocals that can trigger a bad girl addiction. Bomba could not be left out with the consciousness of Rastafari and the spiritual sounds it comes with. Yung Nana blessed us with a beat and an unforgettable hook, Then TRPLRD came through reminding us of why the project is titled  “Trap Nights In Kentinkrono.”
Download below:
To download full mixtape in .ZIP, [CLICK HERE]
1. Chief Kellz – Intro (Laid Out)

DOWNLOAD “College Girls & Drugs Freestyle”

7. Chief Kellz – Gang Gang Shit (Ft. Icebox)

 DOWNLOAD “Gang Gang Shit (Ft. Icebox)”

8. Chief Kellz – 10 20 pm Freestyle

 DOWNLOAD “10 20 pm Freestyle”

9. Chief Kellz – Can I Live


10. Chief Kellz – Back In The Trap (Ft. Bomba)

 DOWNLOAD “Back In The Trap (Ft. Bomba)”

11. Chief Kellz – 8pm Gb3k3 For Circle

DOWNLOAD “8pm Gb3k3 For Circle”

12. Chief Kellz – Koti Did A Sweep

 DOWNLOAD “Koti Did A Sweep”

14. Chief Kellz – Hit On my Line

 DOWNLOAD “Hit On my Line”

15. Chief Kellz – Last Biggie Freestyle

 DOWNLOAD “Last Biggie Freestyle”

16. Chief Kellz – M3 B) Wohu

 DOWNLOAD “M3 B) Wohu “

17. Chief Kellz – Family Business (Ft. TrpLrd)

DOWNLOAD “Family Business (Ft. TrpLrd)”

18. Chief Kellz – Live It Right

 DOWNLOAD “Live It Right”

Bonus: Chief Kellz – CenterFold (Bonus)

 DOWNLOAD “CenterFold (Bonus)”

Bonus: Chief Kellz – Mask Off (BloodMix)

 DOWNLOAD “Mask Off (BloodMix)”

To download full mixtape in .ZIP, [CLICK HERE]


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