Confidence; a Lost Factor in Ghanaians

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Confidence breeds confidence. Confidence breeds success. Confidence can make you do the unthinkable. With confidence, you can climb the highest ladder. Confidence, although a good habit, is barely discussed in this part of the world. We don’t raise our children with confidence. When a child is very confident in Ghana, we automatically think he/she might’ve probably being raised abroad. It’s almost impossible to grow up with such a trait here.

Ghanaian adults don’t respect children. It has even gotten better now. As a kid, any adult at all could whip another’s child freely. I thank my parents for not allowing that. Think about the names we call children here… “herh”, “small boy/girl”, “eyi”, etc. You may be thinking that’s not a big deal, but it has a subconscious effect on these kids. We forget they are young kings and queens.

When a child goes wrong, we publicly insult them and treat them as foolish idiots. The number of times they hear abusive words are multiple times more than they hear praises. In primary school, the mechanism of control is putting fear in pupils. Teachers shout at them anyhow they want, to earn their respect. Actually, nobody praises them at all. Well, unless it’s a seduction to send them to buy us something. I’m not saying children shouldn’t be disciplined, but the same way we find no problem in looking down on them, we shouldn’t also find a problem with installing a dint of confidence in them.

Due to all these, we grow up timid and with small dreams or none at all. Cast your mind back into school. Do you remember the number of people who were always hiding from that teacher who liked to ask a lot of questions, all because they lacked confidence of getting it wrong? How many people were able to ask questions in your class? Yes, you’re struggling to come up with a high number, because most of us contemplated if it’s a sensible question, due to negative experiences.

I was victim of lack of confidence. Naturally, I’m a quiet person. I was very timid. Every time I tried to be active a bit, my teachers furiously told me “Ofori, you’re becoming unbecoming”, then I’d run back into my shelf. During my senior high school days, I was able to change that. I wanted to have a balance in life, so I surrounded myself with people who lived a happy and carefree life, people who entertained themselves. I learnt a lot from a friend nicknamed 2 PM and another called Alan (in uni). With them, I was able to carry out successful activities and voice my opinion out. The fear started wearing off to the point that I was able to contest for positions, organize events, MC at programmes, talk on radio and publicly, and a lot more. Accomplishments that takes confidence to undertake. However, I lose a percentage of this confidence when I go to a new environment, till I’m able to remind myself that I’m it!

Boost your confidence today. Infect your friends and family with it. Put it in your kids. Confidence will make you win.

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