Cosmos Boakye; the Young Entrepreneur ‘Doing Magic’ With his Camera & Computer

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Isn’t the world wonderful? How we meet strangers, and become acquaintances, then move on to become close friends and brothers. Cosmos Boakye has been my friend since primary school, and he still remains to be a true brother.

Starting off as a sketch artist, Cosmos was one of the few people to be blessed with a computer at a young age. He explored and experimented every software on his desktop computer, and finally landed on graphic designing, and made it his specialty.

At every point he has been on top of his game. When you look back at the old stuff you’d think it is whack, but best believe it was a contender for best graphic design as at then.

Cosmos Boakye, a graduate of University of Education, Winneba (UEW) is a young man who has always had filmmaking as his dream profession. Empowered by his passion for the skill, he is an Actor, a Director, Vfx Director, 3D animator, Video Editor and a Graphic Designer.

He started off his professional journey after SHS as a graphic designer at Bright City Media which was an advertising company.

Cosmos Boakye with his award as Distinguished Student in Filming at National Students’ Awards.

Associating with a few film directors of Kumawood, he was able to learn the field works of filmmaking. He started a project, that’s Advanced Filmmaking Tips to equip people to learn a little about filmmaking and motivate people to develop interest to pursue the course.

As a concerned student, he established 21st Century Pictures on UEW campus, under which he has shot a feature film “Midnight in My School” which educates students on the danger of dark magic.

21st Century Pictures in collaboration with the director of Ultimate Screen Productions and Head of Department of Acting Department, GH Media School, Mr. Devine Jones are introducing a TV program named Professional Filmmaking Tutorials.

Cosmos created a short animation film “Wear Your Seatbelt” which advices citizens on how dangerous it is to ignore the seat-belt when driving.

Upon all the projects that he has worked on, he points out that the film “Ga-Mashie” is the one he loves most. This film was directed by Vine Jones. It talks about how the children of Ga-Mashie are left to fishing, instead of schooling. Cosmos worked on the interviews and start credit sections. Although the film is yet to be released, it promises to be a life-changing one.

Considering these and other initiatives, he was awarded the “Most Innovative Student” in the NUGS Excellence Awards in 2016, and “Distinguished Student in Filming” in the maiden edition of National Students’ Awards.

He participated in the 2017 Grand Indie Wise Convention in Miami – Florida which was held in August. His project “Wear Your Seat Belt” happened to have earned him that spot as it was screened at AMC Aventura 24.

Recently, he was a leading speaker at the Kumasi Edition of Talking Fx held at British Council.

He started with a desktop computer and a dream. Today, he’s a force to reckon with in the design industry.


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