DBKyei Events to Host Bloggers Summit in Kumasi

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In the past, media and journalism consisted of solely print media and radio and TV broadcast. However, a lot of things changed when internet came into existence. Today, websites/blogs have become the first point of getting information.

Just as other professions, the blogosphere has been infiltrated by quack bloggers. That’s why the good people t DBKyei Events are organizing a summit for bloggers.

This is a maiden event of its kind to help young talented youth or desiring youth who have the passion to become bloggers. The “Kumasi Bloggers Summit” in the Ashanti region is to help:
 Educate the young people on the right ethic`s and discipline of blogging.
 Educate on how to handle different types of content when blogging.
 How to monetize your blog
 To build a community of bloggers in this part of the region
 To build a mentorship event for the young bloggers in this part of the region.

At the end of the event, DBkyei Events intends to liaise with various corporate institutions or the sponsoring institution to offer the young people with intriguing ideas an opportunity to be mentored for a defined period or the young generation to implement the ideas espoused during the event.
It is the aim of DBKyei Events to make the young generation ready for the job market or well-equipped with entrepreneurial skills.

The event will be held on Friday, September 7, 2018. The rate is 30 cedis, venue is Calvary Charismatic Church (CCC) Youth auditorium. For more enquiries and other information, kindly contact +233 (0) 265 043 224.

Open this link to register: Kumasi Bloggers Summit

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