Dhat Gyal Has Always Been Destined for Greatness

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Writing, blogging, and most activities I’m involved with require solitude. As Travis “Yoh” Philips rightly states, “Solitude is to writers what sunshine is to flowers.” When I want to clear out my mind, and freshen it up, I hang out with other creatives at the iconic BKC Studios in Bantama.

It was a usual Saturday, encountering a new face at the studio. Immediately, my friends played me a mashup of Ebony’s songs by an unknown singer. Astounded by the singer’s talent, I asked who the artiste was. Jerry, who still manages her points to this newcomer, saying that girl. With the assumption of that being a joke, I further asked of her stage name. He replied again, that girl. At this point, I was torn between the reply being a tease or joke. Only for another guy to explain to me that her stage name is actually Dhat Gyal.

I left the studio before they finished shooting her first video, with my head filled with uncertainty, less optimism and room for more improvement. To my surprise, they dropped the video, and she did huge numbers, like Adele dropping a teaser to another number-titled album. The comments got goosebumps all over me. To prove it wasn’t a one-hit wonder, the second and third videos were metrically successful than the first.

Jerry had finally found his feet in the showbiz industry, and would go for the topmost crown. They went on to writing her own singles, and making moves within pop media outlets. From radio interviews, to playing shows, even if it’s as small as a pub gig, Dhat Gyal cemented her name on the Ghanaian music front.

She raised the flag of success high when she got nominated for Vodafone Ghana Music Awards ’18 Unsung category. Although she didn’t win, she has not stopped dropping bangers. Recently, I was having a convo with my sister, and she brought up Dhat Gyal. You should’ve seen the surprise on my face. Yes, I knew Dhat Gyal was popular, but I didn’t know my sister would’ve heard about her. My sister is the type who never pays attention to a musician till he/she has good songs on radio rotation.

Dhat Gyal made me believe that when grace and favour finds you, there’s nothing as impossible. If I was to predict her future in the music industry, I would’ve gotten it wrong. With little to no budget, Dhat Gyal has become one of Ghana’s few beloved female artistes.

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