Five Things You Can Do While Unemployed

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In this world and especially the part we find ourselves it has become quite difficult to secure appropriate or well-paying jobs, especially right after national service. People apply for jobs a lot but don’t get recruited. The few privileged ones land jobs either by merit or by association with respective recruiters. Aside ‘wilding’ on Twitter and slaying on Instagram, listed below are five essential activities you can engage in whiles waiting on the labor gods to bless you.

  1. A collection of books authored by Robert Greene.
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    Read Books: Reading is a habit that most are seldom raised to practice. When we see someone reading, we look at the person strangely. Avid readers they say, are world leaders. Most often, persons who have emerged or become successful are/were voracious readers. The contents of most self-help books are basically the writings of people who have gone or are going through experiences that are worth sharing with the sole purpose of either encouraging or guiding you on your career path or life in general. While there are diverse genres of books to peruse, I’ll encourage you to read enlightening or mind-opening books that’ll expand your level of thinking and your perception of the world. Examples of such books include 48 Laws of Power and The 50th Law by Robert Greene, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, etc.

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2. Acquire New Skills: Aside the certificate you have, is there any other skill or thing you possess that sets you apart from your colleagues? These days, people who are likely to land jobs are people with multiple skill-sets and are not limited to specialty. Although we go to school to attain formal education and training in one skill it has become essential for us to go out of our zone. It’s advisable to learn skills which are mostly required by most companies these days. The world is going digital and companies are gradually adapting, hence people with digital skills are highly sought-after. A list of such skills you can learn is computer programming, digital marketing, video editing, graphic design, networking, software basics (such as Microsoft Office and Corel Draw). You don’t have to pay school fees to gain these skills. With our constant exposure to internet we actually don’t have an excuse. There are free courses offered by Google, Coursera, Udemy, etc. Your next skill is probably a google away.

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3. Volunteer: One of the reasons you’re not employed is because you don’t meet the criteria of work experience always demanded by recruiters. Most often you hear people go like “But how do I get the job experience if you don’t recruit me?” and it’s interesting because one way to get this experience is by volunteering to work at a firm or company without demanding salary. Hence they offer you the opportunity to gain this experience which can enrich your CV to make you more employable. It also puts you ahead of other applicants. Another side of volunteering is offering yourself to assist in the works of non-profit organizations. It could be a health outreach, charity programmes, or what have you

4. Build Your Network: In this our age association is everything. You have to know people of high positions, and be friends with them to enable you have things easy and propel without breaking a sweat. You can attend seminars and other events around you with high dignitaries billed to attend. Don’t be afraid to approach and speak with people who are wealthier than you. Check out apps like Eventbrite where some of these events are published. Your mother probably told you to playing it safe. That’s archaic thinking and will only let you behind.

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5. Build an Online Brand: Thanks to God for the internet. Now you can stay in your home and build a reputable brand for yourself. In our part of the world it mostly works for the people in the entertainment industry. You can be a trusted online consultant by sharing your knowledge online. You can have a blog or a social media account dedicated for that. Don’t let your expertise go waste, share the little you know with someone. It might be helpful and go a long way to contribute to your success.

The then CEO of Uber (the tech taxi service) Travis Kalacknick indicated that boredom is for non-thinkers, as the mind mostly needs to be put to task. Engage yourself today in the activities listed above or any one you find profitable and you’ll not get depressed because you’re unemployed.


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