Flowking Stone Surprises Fans with Jaw-dropping Bars Only Freestyle “Raw Vibes”

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These days rap has been infused with some rhythms & blues and other subgenres, to make it easily accepted by a wide range of people. But sometimes rap fans miss the core old time rap which made them fall in love with the art.

On Friday afternoon, out of nowhere Flowking Stone dropped a 6-minute long video full of rap only. I mean, when was the last time you saw that? Bar to bar he rapped non-stop with no beat, probably so that the listener can focus on the lyrics and decipher the literary elements with multiple listens.

Dropping bars like “Rap no yɛ picture a nka mɛ-crop’e mo out sɛdeɛ me yɛ farmer” and “Deɛ antumi anku me ayɛ me stronger, afei koraa na me gyina me nan so sɛ baobab,” the “One Love” hitmaker proves why he deserves his title as the flow king. The lyricism, metaphors, wordplay in the lines are top-notch. He switched from braggadocio to spitting real facts of his come-up. Who switches flows better than Flowking Stone?

Check out the video below:

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