How Kwesi Arthur Stole Our Hearts

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In 2007, the Ghanaian music scene was invaded by Tema acts. The talk of town were Yaa Pono, Opanka, D. Cryme, R2Bees and Sarkodie. Since that era passed, we really haven’t had a total domination by a set of Tema artistes till Raph Enzee, B4Bonah and Kwesi Arthur came into the picture.

Kwesi Arthur, leader of the new Tema generation came into the scene as a usual SoundCloud rapper with a good song, “Grind Day.” Although the remix of the song made waves to the point of grabbing the award for 2018 VGMA Hip-Hop Song of the Year, that isn’t what made him find a way into our hearts.

Kwesi Arthur is a rapper. A rapper is a poet on a beat, a rapper is a lyricist, a rapper is a storyteller. Although most rappers know this, they still spend a lot of time on beats bragging and talking about themselves. They detail how they’re excellent rappers, having haters and being the hottest kids on the block. Consumers get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again.

Kwesi Arthur decided to let his output talk that talk for him, whilst he focused on telling his story. He was not shy of his heydays. He let it all out. He showed his hunger, and the average place he comes from. He wouldn’t wear expensive and luxurious outfits. He’d rather go bare-chested, even without 6 packs. His slim nature depicts struggle and someone who really came from the ‘gutter.’

He spent time doing a lot of freestyle videos in the streets, and promoting them on the internet. The people saw him as a “normal” guy and not one who is here to stunt on us. His humble nature won him a great deal of fans as well. Kwesi isn’t a talkative. He didn’t force himself to write enticing punchlines, to avoid some getting called “nonfa” in the first place.

Kwesi Arthur is very easy to pronounce. It even sounds like the name of your mate in primary school, right? I mean, the guy is so down to earth, talented, skilled and bears grudges with no one. He’s not ashamed to let everyone know he came from nothing. Ghanaians love people like that. They cherish all the above mentioned characteristics of a person.

The icing on the cake was the BET Award nomination he earned after gaining three back-to-back hits. The whole Ghana threw our weight behind the “Anthem” hitmaker. Even the second lady of the land took some time off her busy schedule to vote for her. His current banger “Woara”, a gospel song which is easy to grasp the lyrics also cemented the deal.

When you and I look at Kwesi Arthur, we see a brother from another mother climbing higher heights, breaking barriers and reaching success. Why won’t we love him?

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