KiDi & Kuami Eugene Didn’t Reach Stardom by Chance

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There are artistes who get lucky and land a hit song without much promotional effort. The most recent of such breed is Patapaa. On the other side, there’s a chunk of others who work hard with consistency and finally see success. Such artistes include Lynx Entertainment signees, KiDi and Kuami Eugene.

Both singers are products of MTN Hitmaker Reality Show. Fortunately, they had a deal with arguably the best management body in Ghana right after the competition ended. The folks at Lynx Ent. take this music business serious. They invest a lot of money, effort, thinking and time into it. They don’t sign just any artiste. Look at their list, all pop artistes. They make sure the person is talented enough. Aside MzVee, the rest are a full package — singer, songwriter, and beatmaker.

The little secret of the Lynx Ent. signees is they all have individual investors who pump money to suit budgets for production of projects, marketing, distribution and promotion. Before releasing music, they make sure they have the right song which is better than the previous.

There’s no doubt that Kuami Eugene was forced down our throats. When he won 2016 VGMA Unsung act no one knew him. I’m tempted to say Lynx bought their way to get him there by way of multiple voting or other means. Since then he put out a lot of songs; some featuring MzVee and Ko-Jo Cue. Lynx Ent. needed just that one song which would blow up to become a hit.

However, they put in maximum efforts to make those songs popular. From budgeted promotion on radio to sponsored distribution on YouTube, placed interviews on TV and radio, they finally found Kuami’s feet with the lovely “Angela.” Since then, Kuami has followed up with bangers after bangers.

KiDi made a couple of songs such as “Naadu” which features MzVee before landing “Say You Love Me.” The he followed with “Odo”, the remix version and “Adiepena.” Lynx Ent. has built strong connections with the giant media houses in the country. They settle what they’re supposed to, and work very hard to make things happen. What goes on in the background is more intense than what we see in the public scene.

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