Know Your Folklore Campaign 2019 – Launch of the “Did You Know” Series

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The National Folklore Board is a state agency under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. Established and empowered by the Copyright Act, 2005 (Act 690), the National Folklore Board is mandated by law to administer, register, promote and protect Ghanaian expressions of folklore on behalf of the President, and for the people of Ghana.

Folklore includes our music, dance, art, designs, names, signs and symbols, performances, ceremonies, architectural forms, handicrafts and narratives, and many other artistic or cultural expressions.


The National Folklore Board, committed to promoting Ghana’s folklore, has put together a series of exciting programs which will be outdoored on a monthly basis throughout the year.

The “DID YOU KNOW” Series is the first of such innovative and exciting ways in which the National Folklore Board seeks to promote Ghanaian folklore. The Series consists of interesting folklore facts which address aspects of our folklore such as our food, languages, names, festivals, sites, fashion, songs, gestures, dance, musical instruments, rites of passage, symbols and many more. The write-ups will be broadcast via traditional and online media, as well as social media.

Today, we officially launch the “DID YOU KNOW” Series to create awareness of Ghanaian Folklore through the sharing of fun folklore facts.

In this Year of Return, set aside to commemorate 400 years since the first African slaves left the shores of West Africa, and in line with Government’s promise to maximize revenue and create jobs through the promotion and protection of our folklore (including the protection of Kente and Adinkra Symbols) from illicit exploitation by foreign interests, the National Folklore Board makes a clarion call on all Ghanaians, both home and abroad, to return to our identity, our pride – our folklore.

Definitely make it a point to See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana and Feel Ghana!

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