Koo Sebor’s “Lift Off” Show is Redefining Entertainment on Radio

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In this our age where entertainment radio shows have become empty, and it’s either music is been played, or fact-less discussions going on, here comes ‘Lift Off’ radio show with Koo Sebor.

In fact, there are entertainment radio shows, and there is Lift Off.

Being aired on Y102.5 FM Kumasi each Saturday between the hours of 15:00 – 16:00 GMT, there is more than enough exciting and entertaining moments on Lift Off. The radio producer, presenter, MC and artiste, Koo Sebor who happens to be the host of this show is well informed and does a lot of research into sound exploration, quality topics for discussion and informative facts. The show has four major segments, namely ‘Come-Up of the Week’, ‘Exploring Sounds’, ‘Moment of Fame’ and ‘The Score.’

L-R: DJ Bongo, Koo Sebor. Photo credit: Scar Pixels

There’s no boring moment throughout the power-packed 3 hours because the disc jockey with the moniker ‘superstar DJ’, DJ Bongo serves the listeners with banging invigorating songs. I must admit, one thing I really love about Lift Off is the sound that runs through the playlist. It’s fresh, it’s wavy, these are skyrocket pace tracks. A high percentage of the songs played aren’t the usual ones you’d hear on your radio every time. They do their best to give exposure to upcoming acts.

Delving into the various segments, Come-Up of the Week celebrates a new artiste putting in a lot of effort with few resources available to him or her. It also mostly features artistes doing alternative music. On Exploring Sounds, Sebor and Bongo put listeners in a frenzy by selecting a special sound playlist or mix that is themed, in an unpredictable fashion. Hence listeners tune in with the mentality that “this is Lift Off, anything is possible.” They sometimes take listeners way back into the 80s and 90s. Other times they select a contemporary sound that isn’t much explored.

L-R: DJ Bongo, Koo Sebor, Seven, DB Kyei, Hassan, Joseph ‘Aqweci’ Ofori. Photo credit: Scar Pixels

On Moment of Fame, Koo Sebor gets in a conversational mood with an artiste. He allows the artiste to showcase his/her talent to the public. As already mentioned, Sebor is a learned fellow, hence he asks essential questions that matter to the industry. The Score, which happens to be the final segment of the show is a full hour of entertainment discussion. Topics chosen although are influenced by happenings over the week, it opens the forum to careful dissection of the subject matter. His able pundits which includes Joseph ‘Aqweci’ Ofori, the founder and administrator of SteezeHub.com is a distinguished blogger and entertainment analyst. H. B. Sedem is an informed analyst, so is D. B Kyei of DBKyei Events and Hassan of Priceless Music Group.

The gap on Saturday radio has been filled. Lift Off is here to give full listener satisfaction.

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