[Lyrics] Medikal Ft. Sarkodie & Paedae – How Much (Remix)

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Contributor/Writer of lyrics: Joseph ‘Aqweci’ Ofori

INTRO (Medikal)
Hundred degrees (11X)

6 foot soldier, Adidas mafia, bad boy composer
Me de…
I forget say this be the remix

Hundred degrees (11X)

VERSE 1 (Sarkodie)
I’m still keeping it G with it
Ghanafoɔ mo dehyeɛ obidiponbidi
ɛdeɛn na rapper bi bɛkyerɛ me cos I done did it
Obi bɛ occupy me space, are y’all kidding?
For y’all niggas who doubt me I’m still here
M’atwerɛ me din wɔ rap nwoma no mu so no fear
M’aboro beef but wo deserve deɛ a oh yea
Competition paa deɛ nobody for go there
I can’t believe that I’m still hot
Pocket is still fat
So many rappers aba but Sarkodie still pop
N!ggas want me dead, same way they killed Pac
They be tryna put somebody else but still Sark
This no be rap, ibi sermon for church service
Rappers mo nbra na me nchecke mo work permit
Flow tight te sɛ Peace Hyde ne fresh leggings
Seisei koraa deɛ m’ago mu nie oh but gadammit I still got it
Put some respect on my name n!gga
Cos me then you we no be the same n!gga
Wo pushie Picanto na me me pushie Range n!gga
Starte have a milli before you came n!gga
I fell in love with the street life
Shutouts to my beautiful daughter and sweet wife
Wo nnyɛ qualified to speak, you for keep quiet
Ndwom wei koraa me nyaa inspiration no wɔ sea side
Now we got the rap game locked down
Number one in Africa so what now
I’m a king, regardless, f*ck crown
The key to my flow, not found
Money be the topic, I’m ready for discussion
Wo deɛ hwɛ me kasa, ne me swag, ne me fashion
All about the money but we started with the passion
Obiaa nim dada, I don’t need introduction

HOOK (Medikal)
How much, how much, how much be your too much money (3X)
How much be your too much money (2X)

How much, how much, how much be your too much money (3X)
How much be your too much money (2X)

VERSE 2 (Medikal)
Did you see what? I don came in a Rover, left in a Benzo
I just be Sowutuom boy wey dey hustle, I swear on my kanto
Did you see what? I don came in a Rover, left in a Benzo
In my benzo, in my benzo
Came with a Rover, and offed in my benzo
If you ready I’m with it
Somebody tell Vivi I made it
Kevin Fianko be counting a milli
Shutouts to Paedae and Bidi
The love is a billi goat
Didn’t know that your girl was a Cedi hoe
Everyday she enter my DM, SnapChat stories, you see them Cedi notes
Genging and benging
Cars mu ahodoɔ
Sɛ yɛ blow dough no nyinaa na yɛ daamu koraa a mensuro yɛbɛnya pound foforɔ
Afei cheque no me n’sign me draw
You no get money your want this
Never write
Blast like dynamite
Got punchlines like terabyte
Never like catching flight from Amsterdam to Paris with diskette
Flow Delly, am I right?
ɛdeɛn na ɛhyɛ wo yi, a wo daadaa sɛ ashawo yi?
W’aso dendenden synthe wei
Boys sen Peter daa yɛ carry
Ah! Afe wei free mason
Zylofon demma money some
M’ahustle from day nursery
Afei na sika na nya orgasm, my money come

Hundred degrees (5X)

VERSE 3 (Paedae)
Tema boy I’m so radical
Flow so sick I need medical
We dey blow cash no be credit card
Life so incredible, I left you at the terminal
At the age of 19, hit ready to blow
I buy house, buy cars, I’m on the road
Road sreet buy, we break bread, this is your loaf
Wɔfa Yaw, weytin dey happen, make we dey go
Life e no be mouth
We dey hustle, we dey chop
Some go school so them dey office
Some dey kwashey, them dey rob
Sabi boy I say wossop
We dey craze, we dey forkop
Used to walk, Tema Chorkor
Now we dey cruise with the top off
Boy I’m working on my mixtape
It’s cool now, boy I worked on my mistakes
Gaddafi when it drop, you dictate
In this phase, boy I told you to keep fake
Sh!t’s great, but still no release date
Hurray, Flow so cold, got me wearing chinchilla
All this beef, and I’m from Bimbilla
We dey blow money fast, we dey call it pain killer
I’m from the Tema metropolis
The celibacy they can’t fuck with us
Savages, 26… 26,000 for damages
Paedae da pralem yɛ president
Higher than beer and cannabis
Do this thing, for the fun of it
And see how we live by the residence

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