Nana Kofi Tego Set to Launch “Bediako” Book

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In the words of Albert Einstein, the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination, and in what better way to express our imaginations than to put them to writing. 

In Tego’s “Bediako”, he takes us on a journey; a journey whose story grants him a seat amongst some of the greatest authors the nation has been blessed with, the likes of Ama Ataa Aidoo, Ayi Kwei Armah,Kwame Nkrumah, Kofi Awoonor, just to name a few. His style of writing leaves his readers in a trance constantly eager to feed off from the next line of information. Having consumed a great deal of African literature, I can’t help but liken Tegos’ approach to writing to that of Achebe. Indeed just like Achebe, Tego has expressed a profound knowledge on the culture of his continent and country and thus, as aforementioned leaves his readers hungry for more.

‘Bediako’ is a rough life story of a girl who lost everything she lost everything for. In the quest to pursue her love, she lost everything she loved. A book that teaches it all.. A read to be savored for a lifetime. One of its kind novel.

Tego however plans on distributing this immense piece of work to hundreds of underprivileged children, in his fight against illiteracy. Currently his debut book, ‘Bediako’ is been preordered by hundreds who find his course a worthy one, and we hope that you too join us in our endeavors by preordering a copy of Bediako.

The self-published book gets launched in January 2019.

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