Ol’ Lady Sports Bar & Lounge; The Definition of Entertainment in Kumasi

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Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana is an accommodative and business-centered city which has a colourful and natural ambience.

Filled with rich culture, the people are motivated to work for their own, and as the saying goes, hard work comes with a reward of rest and enjoyment. To enjoy such quality relaxation and pure entertainment, Ol’ Lady Sports & Lounge is the place to be.

Located at Danyame on Major Kobbina Drive inside the premises of New Orleans Hotel and close to Miklin Hotel, Ol’ Lady serves top class of amusement.

From the day of its grand opening in 2017, the hangout has only delivered greatness. It boasts of three main spots — a sports bar, lounge and cabana. As the name indicates, the sports bar section has a large screen television in every corner. Live matches from Premier League, La Liga and other leagues and tournaments are shown. Football matches are lovely to watch but even better with the presence of other football enthusiasts.

The lounge has close similarity to a bar where they serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, with accompanying quality background music. There’s enough space to dance your feet off, or sit together with your friends whilst you share priceless moments.

The best part of Ol’ Lady and a favourite of many is the cabana. It is set up as a beach-like cabin or hut on which you can comfortably relax. The side transparent curtain makes you feel at home, giving a typical natural feel. Spending time with your partner, sharing jokes and having conversations in there is something to experience.

Although the weekends are the most lit, the weekdays are not left out. At Ol’ Lady, every day is a holiday. On Tuesday, you can have a moment of life with your friends on Terrific Tuesdays. Thursdays in Kumasi are no more a bore, as you can have the crème de la crème of Hip-Hop culture on Thursdaze.

Give your taste buds a treat, enjoying meals that’ll give you the satisfaction.

Events are incomplete without top class DJs. At Ol’ Lady, award-winning DJs like DJ Slim (Best DJ – Ashanti Region 2018), DJ Aroma (Best Pub DJ 2018), DJ Lamar (CBaze Student DJ 2018), and a host of others are always present to shake up your stay there. Mensa Jr, a top-notch MC who holds party people down and invigorates his crowd is always present.

L-R: Mensa Jr, DJ Aroma

As an event organizer, Ol’ Lady is your topmost choice of venue. The managers are just a phone call away.

Whenever in Kumasi, let it be your top priority to be make a stop at Ol’ Lady and enjoy all the above mentioned, and even more.

Follow Ol’ Lady on various social media outlets, on Twitter and Instagram: @ol_ladygh and Facebook: Ol’Lady Sports Bar & Lounge. Contact Ol’ Lady on 0240293906

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