On Feminism; the Secular Push of Love for ‘God’s Image’

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We now encounter widespread campaign or advocacy for equal rights for women, feminism. Though there are different school of thoughts on the subject, what underlines the general advances in recognition for the rights of women is LOVE and a right understanding of the image of humanity (that of God). It is for a fact that the image of God refers male and female in so far as we believe and know God created the first couple in his own image;

” God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created THEM; male and FEMALE he created them (Gen 1:27).

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I do not know much about the topic of feminism especially in the growing disparity of thoughts surrounding it, but I can unequivocally explain the concept of feminism today is on a wrong turn. Feminism according to my search through different dictionaries is a theory, a doctrine, a belief and/or ideology. It therefore means no matter the development on the understanding of the subject due to civilization and social change, there exists an entrenched and unchangeable side of it. Advocacy for equal rights for men and women lies at the heart of love for self [humanity as a whole] and not just for the self [the individual].

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History has a pack of excess of cultures [situational and time] that has burdened women with exploitation and discrimination. Even though significant advances have been made throughout growing history in the recognition of women’s right and their participation in public or social life, much remains to be done to promote these rights. Inhuman customs that deprived women of their dignity still need to be eliminated. Thanks to growing groups of those who believe in the theory of feminism, the general public is getting more enlightenment despite the fact that some are coming with issues that can be termed controversial or a bit away from the core of the doctrine. Personally, the Girls with Purpose, the Pepperdem and Sugardem Ministries have opened my eyes to much issues surrounding the subject of feminism. They, especially the Pepperdem Ministries against all odds have pushed me to understand, appreciate and develop a strong sense of commitment towards feminism getting to know its place in my Christian, social and all other aspects of life.

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Away from issues like whether it is wrong for a woman (wife) to kneel before her husband as part of the act of showing gratitude or respect to the husband, and to views like husbands cooking for their wives to eat, I think these feminists are doing great to keep a will of God; that male and female were created and are to be treated equally. There is still the need for us to stand and speak against the shameful ill-treatment to which women are subjected in our civilized world and time. Domestic violence, rape and other forms of maltreatment meted out to women are all acts of cowardice, as the Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis on The Joy of Love, “Amoris Laetitia” puts it, rather than the show of masculine power.

The verbal, physical, emotional and sexual violence that women endure in our society especially in marriages contradicts the very nature of our own human dignity (both sexes); that we are created in the image of God.
There are those who believe that many social issues of debates or arguments and problems have arisen because of feminine emancipation. This is not true, it is but a form of male chauvinism. But to the those who are afraid of these feminists, I say do not fear and do not hate them for only the unloved hate, for the good they are in to offer our mothers, sisters and daughters is worth more than the grief womanhood have suffered.

Certainly, some forms of feminism might have arisen among us which may lack the core values of the theory and thus must be considered inadequate. Nonetheless, positive look at women’s movement for equal dignity must grow so that the seemingly unwavering discrimination against women will end. Feminism is but a push for the love of God’s own image which Sacred Christian Scripture tells us is the image of men and ‘Women. Equally were we created, and equally must we live.

Written by Akakpo Elikem Kwabla

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