Opinion: Lovers in Courtship Who Will Birth Sickle Cell Children Shouldn’t Marry

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From our previous article on sickle cell anemia, it’s quite clear that giving birth to children with this disorder can be easily prevented by having a sickling test pre-marriage or pre-birth.

Simple Breakdown of Sickle Cell

When genetic matching is done and it is realized that parents would birth sickle cell anemia offsprings, such courtship/marriages have to be dissolved.

Others are of the school of thought that “love wins” or “love reigns”, hence it shouldn’t stop love birds from their union. One major reason of marriage is to procreate. Married people have to give birth to offspring, and take care of them, nurture them till they grow and are fit to be independent.

Parents are to be concerned about the health of their offspring. So why would two people with plans of marrying give birth to children they know are going to go through a lot of agony, and eventually [in most cases] premature death? Why do you have to put your beloved through such pain?

This comes with a lot of panic even on the parents’ side. Sickle cell patients spend most of their lives at the hospital beds, and live on taking medications daily. Look at all the money you’d have to spend to cater for the healthy wellbeing of such ones? One of the few motivations for this article is my experience at the hospital.

I was on night shift when I heard audibly one sickle cell patient screaming throughout the night till the next morning. The young person at some points would sadly mention his parents’ names and blame them for putting him at that end.

The worst ones are those who don’t even check their sickling status and end up producing such babies. Upon the education we have received, I strongly think it is a prerequisite for every couple in serious courtship before they plan marriage. After the test, if the medical practitioner concludes that you’ll birth sickle cell offsprings, I advise strongly that you call it quits, and find another partner who together with you’ll reproduce non-sickling offsprings.

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