Don’t Overthink, it Can Get You Depressed

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Depression is a mental condition characterized by severe feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. It’s not a moment of sadness where you’re just not in a good mood. Such times can be even changed by good news. When depressed even activities that enthuse you will no more be of interest to you, there’s lack of concentration, and questioning the purpose of your whole existence. There’s anxiety, hopelessness and a sense of guilt.

Depression may be caused by numerous factors, but an outstanding one is overthinking. This is a common thing among the youth, especially after graduating from a tertiary institution. At that point, one is moving from being a dependent boy or girl to an independent mature individual on the path to success. This transition is so sharp, and involves a lot of expectations and aspirations.

At that age, one hopes to earn a well-paying job, settle at their own rented apartments away from home so their movement and freedom cannot be restricted. They’d be thinking of the path to take in life. They think of having a healthy relationship which should soon lead to marriage. Concurrently, such people mostly don’t have the money, knowledge and confidence to face this tough phase of life.

The above mentioned end them up in excessive thinking, trying to figure the route to possibility of all these. Once they’re not able to find a clear-cut outline on achieving it, they get depressed. A lot of people would bury these thoughts in them, making it worse.

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The cue is, inasmuch as it’s hard to do, don’t go hard on yourself. Post-tertiary moments are actually your starting point to life. The scripted lifestyle they want us to go through is overrated. You have a lot of active years to reach your targets. Once you have the thoughts mentioned above, it indicates you’re alive, conscious and aware. Spend a lot of time into self-development, mentally and physically. Exercise, eat balanced diet, have enough sleep. Read more non-fiction books, listen to and watch self-help documentaries, podcasts, etc. Advance your network. Attract more successful people into your circle. Take some time out to have fun with friends, laugh off silly jokes, and don’t take life extremely serious. Within a few years, you’d be set for the race of life, and depression wouldn’t be in your dictionary.

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