Precious Pearls

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The people we choose to spend our time with, will go a long way to determine what we will turn out to be. If we want to reach a certain level in life; we should be mindful of the company we keep. Some people are timewasters; that is, they spend most of their time talking about things that are not beneficial in anyway. While others will encourage and push us toward excellence.

As we interact with people, we should ask ourselves; where will I be if I continue to keep this person very close to me for five years? After asking this question, we should learn to pause for few seconds and picture ourselves. If the results are positive; this will mean that friend or relationship has a positive impact on us.  But after a careful analysis, and we find out that relation will drain our energy and will not make any significant impact on us then, we should learn to discontinue that relationship.

Let us think of that relationship as a pearl. Pearls are beautiful and expensive but its beauty will also be determined by who puts on. If a pearl is given to a princess or a queen; she will wear it with so much pride and dignity. This is because, the princess or the queen has been nurtured to be a lady. So, she will cherish precious things like a pearl. On the other hand, if the same pearl is given to a pig, it will just make it dirty. Over here, the fault is not that of the pearl but the person who possesses it.

Every person can be compared to this pearl and the people we choose to keep company with will determine our outcome either accomplished or destroyed. One of the most important things is the company we choose. We will eventually copy what they say or do. If their actions are negative; we destroy ourselves but if their actions are positive we will be better than who we were before we met them.

We should therefore be mindful of the people we invite into our lives if we value the life we are living. People who want achieve good things and make a difference choose their company wisely.

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