Proffer Aid Ghana Launches Cervical Cancer Awareness Project

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Cervical cancer, is a cancer infection that is observed on the lower narrow opening of the uterus. This condition may have no symptoms. It may be present but one may not be aware and due to this, it is taking a high toll on our beloved women. There is a mortality rate of 23.8/100,000 which is ten times the rate in the USA.

Proffer Aid Ghana, a non-governmental agency that seeks to better the lives of the people seeks to increase the awareness and knowledge of people on cervical cancer.

On 28th December, 2019 the official launch of the project was successfully held at Accra College of Education Community Library. The motive of the initiative is to raise funds to aid the NGO screen all people from all parts of the country for cervical cancer so as to help decrease infection and mortality as a result of cervical cancer. Emmanuel Arkorful, the project manager spoke with the Steeze Hub team. He said, now that the project is formally launched, they’ll work tirelessly to ensure the aim is achieved and asked all capable individuals and firms to reach out and help them make this possible.

To help raise funds, the organisation has made coupons which will be sent around by members of the NGO to solicit for funds from all. T-shirts have also been made for sale with the aim of investing the money from sales into the project. The project will start in 2020. All should help in any way they can and help eradicate cervical cancer.

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