Promise Again!


He stood quietly, staring right at me with a tear-filled eye and shaking lips. I knew he wanted to say something but just couldn’t figure out what. Now thoughts start running through my mind…

The people we trust always betray us

The people we love always deceive us

The people we stand for, always let us down

But should that be the way?

You told me I was the only one when I was actually not yet numbered…

You said yes when the obvious was no. You promised hope that I never saw in daylight. You promised joy that I never saw in life…above all, you promised love that I never dreamt of.

Why promise me all these and turn your back at me?

My heart is broken but not dead

My feelings are hurt but not gone

My mind is blank but waiting for you

I’m hurt but I still love you

Why does something so wrong seem so right?


Sometimes all we need is just a word of assurance. I know all your wrongs and I still loved you. I knew how crazy you can be and I still loved you. I try forgetting about you and I realize I’m instead forgetting about myself and happiness.

You’ve wronged me but I still love you so say something.

I’m not calling or texting but I spend almost every single second waiting for yours…

I may be smiling and laughing out with my friends outside but that is just how best I can escape your vacuum alone. Please say something, just say it. I’m frowning now with a straight face but I’m just waiting to smile. Please say something.

“C’mon, say it” were the thoughts in my mind.”

But before I could raise another thought he kissed me so hard and intense that I couldn’t even catch a breath. He drew back a little and still with shaking lips he said “I love you, I promise this will never happen again.” Then my heart skipped a beat, for a reason I’m yet to decipher.

He just promised again

Didn’t he do the first time?

But why do I seem to want it when I knew he lied the first time?

I know it’s a lie but I need it. Then I realized..

What we don’t want is actually what we need!

Go ahead and promise again

Give yourself a chance

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