Prostate Disease; the Silent Sperm Killer

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For a few years now, the new condition causing demise in the fertility of able men is the prostate disease. The prostate is the one of the major glands when it comes to male reproduction as its produces fluids which nourishes and protects sperms.

The prostrate is the largest gland in male accessory gland, found around the urethra. The urethra is responsible for carrying urine out of the body. In men, urethra performs another role which is the carrying of semen and is in the semen that sperms are carried during sex and ejaculation. Prostate adds special fluids containing enzymes and lipids to semen at ejaculation as well as helps in its release out of the body.

The prostate is the target of a number of common diseases that can affect male fertility at different ages. In both young and aged men, prostatic diseases or an unhealthy prostate can affect spermatozoa functioning and, therefore, male fertility.

The prostate happens to be a target for some diseases that have effect on male fertility. Both the young and the aged can be victims of prostate diseases thereby leading to male infertility.

The prostate is a walnut size gland that enlarges with age. The enlargement is due to changes in sex hormone levels which comes with normal aging. As one gets older, the risk of getting a prostate disease also increases. Diagnoses of prostate cancer is high between the ages of 65 and 69. Your risk of getting prostate cancer is very low under 50 but it is still possible.

The most common diseases that affect the prostate are enlarged prostate, prostatitis and prostate cancer.
Prostatitis is simply the inflammation of the prostate caused by a bacterial infection. This condition is simply treated by an antibiotic. When left untreated can lead to chronic prostatitis which is difficult to treat.

In men, the second most common form of cancer is prostate cancer. The cause remains unknown but attributed to lifestyles and risk factors inherited at birth. People from the black race tend to have high chances of getting the cancer. In the early phase, no symptoms are witnessed till it is late. The cancer has the ability to spread to other parts of the body. Left untreated, it causes difficulty in erection.

The most common symptoms are;
Difficulty in the passage of urine.
Pain during urination.
Frequent urination (especially at night).
Blood in the semen or urine.
Inability to effectively urinate

It has being hard to suggest the best ways to prevent getting any disease relating to the prostate but alteration in lifestyle also goes a long way to also help avoid contracting the disease. One must be careful of his eating habits. It is also believed that frequent sex and ejaculation goes a long way to take one off the path of getting any prostate disease.

It is advisable everyone visits a clinic to get checked out. It only takes a short while of our precious time so to help know our status.

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