‘RicoMOB Unplugged’ Set for December

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Young kings of the Eastern music empire, RicoMOB are set to have their first event concert in the heart of the Eastern regional capital, Koforidua.

RicoMOB is a group with an amazing crop of diversity and talented young artistes setting trends and dropping back to back influential songs. Their incredible work did not go unnoticed as they got nominated for the 2019 Eastern Music Awards for the Best Group category.

RicoMOB Unplugged as the concert is titled, scheduled for 24th December is going to be an interactive event between all the artistes and their fans. The concert was put together by Twenty 1C Event House, arguably the leading event house in Eastern region. The event offers the platform for the artistes to not only perform their top notch tracks but to also explain the reason and motive behind songs so as to help fans to even fall in love more with their music. There will also be a question-and-answer session, helping fans know more about their favourite group and individuals.

The best artistes in the region have all been assembled on the event. Most promising artiste award winner Obaya is billed to be present as well as Kwesi Mafia, C IV, Khoruz, Sefathesongwriter Sean Khare are all expected to bless the show.

Viron’s Kitchen is the venue for the maiden RicoMOB unplugged concert. A ticket goes for a cool 15 cedis with each ticket coming with a free drink.

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