Sarkodie X M.anifest Collab worth the Wait

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Sarkodie & M.anifest finally collaborate
Cover Art of Sarkodie X M.anifest – Brown Paper Bag

Beef has been a big hurdle in getting to Ghanaian musicians on one track but finally, it seems our prayers are been answered as eventually we are seeing some of them come together to work on projects. Brown paper bag comes after one heck of a controversial beef that went on for years, now we have finally got our current top two rappers in the country to bring a track out together and this has really got the nation buzzing.
In 2018, Sarkodie and M.anifest publicly squashed their beef as Sarkodie surprised M.anifest at his annual Manifestivities concert to perform. Though they seem cool, others believed it was just a media stunt as we never got them on any track afterwards to confirm their alliance. Now we finally have a track hosting them both with the idea behind the track an amazing and ground-breaking one.
The track titled Brown Paper Bag, is basically talking about the oppression of thoughts, beliefs of blacks and how we have been enslaved to chasing money at the expense of our own independence and self-management. With all happenings on going globally in the fight for black equality after the George Floyd incident in USA, the most decorated rapper in Ghana after arriving back in the motherland decided to make his voice heard. In Ghana and even Africa, there is no rapper pushing the gender of Afrocentrism much more than the Absa ambassador, M.anifest. With such a delicate issue to be touched on, it was only right Sarkodie reached out to the heavyweight rapper to spill his thoughts on the issue as well.

Two of GH's best rappers M.anifest X Sarkodie
Heavy weight rappers M.anifest X Sarkodie

A 4minute track with the sole aim to educate blacks to stand up and think on our own as we can was the best way to  have the two rap champs educate us as we celebrate them. One can or may argue they could have worked together long before now but well like they say, better late than never. There is no better time to show the world unity than this. With all races coming together to fight racism, it presented the best opportunity as well as show a united front from the continent. Sarkodie and M.anifest bringing brown paper bag out this time sends a strong message out to showcase our ability to move past issues and rally behind each other should the need arise. This also calls all authorities to acknowledge that not only do black lives matter but we make the world what it is. It furthers to encourage blacks to stop thinking we need to depend solely on whites to survive or even make our lives better as all they seek to achieve is give us fish rather than teach us how to fish on our own.

The collaboration has been a very delightful one as we have all yearned for this for a long time. Now that the sea has parted, we hope brown paper won’t be the last of it but more to follow. Despite wishing it came earlier, the concept for the collaboration has made it worth the wait.

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