Several Females Are Not Able to Achieve their Dreams Because of House Chores

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In this our part of the world it’s already a weight on the shoulder to dream. Unless you’re privileged with your parents’ wealth and training, it’s almost not such a good idea to go for your dreams. We didn’t see the essence of girl power and education till the 2000s.

Feminists didn’t exist in Ghana till recently. Now it’s a usual thing for girls to top class and take up positions, moreover chase their dreams.

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Inasmuch as the world has changed, it’s still a developing trait for females to achieve their dreams and realize their goals. The hugest standing block if you ask me is house chores. You may disagree all you want till you’re actually in the position to handle all house chores yourself. Talk about sweeping an entire house, scrubbing bathrooms, mopping floors, washing clothes, washing utensils, preparing food, and a lot more.

As children, females are not trained for the entrepreneurial market. The spirit of having and chasing dreams isn’t put in them. They’re also bombarded with loads of academic notes, just like their male counterparts who do less house chores. In the end they have to excel, alongside doing most of the above mentioned chores.

Right after school, if they’re able to secure a physically-demanding 9-5 job, they manage the work along with the house chores. We all have 24 hours a day, of which we sleep about 6 to 8 hours off. Ideally we enjoy 3 square meals everyday which have to be prepared and requires cleaning utensils each time we do. Now tell me the time left for them to plan out their dreams, and map it out into realistic and attainable visions. Such people go to work tired, and they can barely save enough to start a successful entrepreneurial venture. After all what’s the point when you earn enough to make ends meet? Why burden yourself with goals that’ll only cause more stress?

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That’s around the same time they’d be preparing to get whisked off by a gentleman, in the name of marriage. Immediately they marry, it gets worse when they have birthed babies, and have to bathe, feed, change diapers, and all of those time-consuming stuff.

By the time they’d realize they’re physically weak, and have to focus on raising better children and securing a good future. They become family persons, and attract more responsibilities than then.

It’s quite sad to come to the realization of this. I’m sure if I was put in the same position as them I wouldn’t be here. If we’re working on women empowerment, then let’s take a critical look at this untold story.

2 thoughts on “Several Females Are Not Able to Achieve their Dreams Because of House Chores

  1. I totally agree. The world is very unfair to women. Nonetheless,there are a few who have made it to the top. We should be encouraged by that

  2. I’m glad someone has testified to this. I’ve got a lot of bad comments after publishing this.
    I’ll be in support of whatever dream you want to achieve, Naa.

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