Supaa & Patapaa Will Not Be the End of Viral Sensations

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There are different kinds of songs for different people. There are different kinds of songs for different moments. When you’re down and need some motivation, you’re likely to dip yourself into motivational songs. But when you’re jubilant you dance to some fast tempo songs.

Some artistes are in the business of educating, inspiring and being serious content-wise about their music all the time. Others are really about giving people the joy and ecstasy they need to wipe problems off their minds. In the end, entertainment is prime.

As human beings, we can’t be serious all the time. At some points we’d love to hide in our peaceful haven from the pressures of life. Sometimes we just want to get lazy, and enjoy the goodness life has to present. We engage in a lot of activities that stresses us, like working, learning, and handling solemn matters. So when we finally have some minutes to spend online, we don’t wish to get occupied with similar doings. Once we see a unique person with a humorous or entertaining brand we fall in love quickly, since they become one source of laughter.

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We call such people viral sensations if majority of people feel the same way, and they blow up. No wonder Patapaa’s “One Corner” was all over West Africa. Currently, the most popular viral sensation on social media who’s making the blog headlines is SUPAA AKA Gully Bop AKA Ghana 2Pac. Without proper accoutrement for producing famous material, the Nima resident has churned out bars which are on the lips of Ghanaians. His exceptional walk tickles people to actually do LMAO.

UK-based singer and MOBO award winner, Stefflon Don shot her video for “Win” which features DJ Khaled with Supaa and the whole of Nima. Wizkid was obviously enthused and sent out a tweet about Supaa. Olamide is posting his content on Instagram.



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I de come like knockout ???? @ghana2pac Fuck garrrrriiiiba !

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Don’t be surprised. Don’t be bitter. This isn’t the last time it’ll happen. People need it for happiness. We need it for survival.



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