Top 3 New Artistes in Ghana

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This list is limited to artistes who had their breakthrough in 2018. It is based on popularity, hit songs, relevance and clout.

  1. Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay is inarguably the new artiste with the highest number of popular songs, i.e. ‘Uber Driver’, ‘Bedroom Commando’, ‘Astalavista’, and ‘Psalm 35’.

Two of these songs are hits.

She has a strong YouTube presence, with ‘Uber Driver’ having 2M+ views, and ‘Bedroom Commando’ having 816K+ views.

She has climbed a lot of concert stages this year.


  1. Eddie Khae

Eddie Khae can boast of having arguably the biggest song from a new artiste this year i.e. ‘Do the Dance.’


  1. Quamina MP

Quamina MP also has a massive hit song i.e. ‘Wiase Yɛ Dɛ.’

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